Financial Memo: Funding for Healthcare providers during Pandemic

Financial Memo
Financial Memo

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Financial Memo

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Financial Memo

Purpose of the Financial Memo: As health care professionals, it is essential to know the basic information about funding for health care providers during the pandemic.

This memo is about funding for all types of health care for hospitals and other health providers. The authors discuss financing early in the pandemic in 2020 and look at funding in 2021 to include the American Rescue Plan (ARP) that was passed this month, providing funds for the present and future.

The brief’s authors report the following- Congress and the two Administrations adopted several policies to ease financial pressure on hospitals and other health care providers. This brief describes the primary sources of federal funds for health care providers and how those funds have been allocated.

The breakdown of funding shows many improvements in reimbursements, but it also offers some services if there is enough assistance to keep some hospitals and clinics open.

Please note there have been two administrations and several rounds of funding during the pandemic.

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Assignment Instructions

You are to select one specific type of health care provider from the following Skilled Nursing Facilities, Rural Providers, Safety Net Hospitals, and High COVID- 19 Hospitals

1. Use the same memo format that you used for the Federal Memo. Focus on the must-know information to keep the memo within the 1-2 page limit.

2. In this memo, you can use the audience you selected for the Federal Memo. Or, you can change from the first memo if you feel the need and provide information.

3. Provide a brief overview of funding to health care providers

a. Next move to the specific type of health care providers and the specific provider funding program.

4. Include the reference(s) as an “in-text” citation and at the end of the page after your memo.I recommend two curent citaions (published within the last two years).

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