Hazardous material response team

Hazardous material response team
Hazardous material response team

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Hazardous material response team

If you were building a hazardous material response team, which measurement tool would be first on your list to purchase? Why?

A Hazardous Materials Response Team is an organized group of hazardous materials (HAZMAT) technicians who respond to HAZMAT incidents, including those involving Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). Additional personnel trained in HAZMAT operations may assist the Hazardous Materials Response Team in performing low-risk tasks that do not bring them into contact with hazardous materials or substances, at the team leader’s discretion.

The Hazardous Materials Response Team:

  1. Detects the presence of, and identifies associated chemical and physical properties of, HAZMAT and WMD substances
  2. Identifies and establishes control zones
  3. Contains and mitigates solid, liquid, gas, and vapor leaks through interventions such as neutralization, plugging, and patching
  4. Uses standard protocols to collect and label substances and evidence in preparation for transportation
  5. Interprets readings from radiation detection devices and conducts geographical surveys to search for suspected contamination or radiological sources
  6. Takes action to limit exposure and contain the spread of contamination
  7. Conducts research related to HAZMAT and WMD to contribute to the Incident Action Plan (IAP)
  8. Develops predictive models to inform protective actions and support the IAP

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