Business Report on Ethical and Strategic Sustainability in Global Strategic Practice

Ethical and Strategic Sustainability
Ethical and Strategic Sustainability

Business Report on Ethical and Strategic Sustainability in Global Strategic Practice


Analyze Ethical and Strategic Sustainability in Global Strategic Practice for the company (Sky green)

Assessment     Report-Business report

Topic   Business Report on Ethical and Strategic Sustainability in Global Strategic Practice

Company name           Sky Green

Length             2500 – 3000 words excluding tables, charts, graphs, references and appendices.

Marking Criteria         This assessment is expected to assess your ability on critical thinking, discipline knowledge, skills and application, ethical reasoning, problem-solving, reflection, research, and written communication on Ethical and Strategic Sustainability in Global Strategic Practice in a selected organisation.

• Evidence: sources of information, research, and analysis of company information

• Content, Analysis and Theory: application of relevant theories, concepts, models, and tools for decision effectiveness in strategy development and implementation

• Synthesis and Development of Argument: linking theory, concepts and practices critically in the discussion and justification

• Effective Written Communication

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Your report will be assessed for relevant research, analytical content and logical flow of your arguments (Please see making criteria)

You are expected to use quality research materials, literature/s (theoretical/conceptual), theory/ies, theoretical model/s, and/or conceptual framework/s from academic journals/textbooks to analyse/justify your analyses/arguments. Relevance is the key to using such references, not the number of references you present in your report.

All work must be original and must not have been submitted for any other subject or course here or elsewhere.

Style and Format        

• It is advised that the style is business report and the format for assignment 2 is to be 1.5 spaced with 2.54 cm margins and font size of 12 pt.

• Please show the word count, along with all other details on the cover sheet.

• Harvard references

Detailed Information

• Report against the Sustainable Development Goals in their UN Global Compact. The UN Global Reporting Initiative highlights the importance of Sustainability Reporting. Your report should focus on the extent of the sustainability practices/reporting in relation to their contribution to the UN SDGs.

• Assess the selected organization’s global strategic CSR and ethical approach and sustainability initiatives and practices by assessing their strategic resources and dynamic core capabilities in response or as a proactive organism in implementing the ethical and sustainable strategic approach in generating and sustaining superior value for its key stakeholders.  You will need to use frameworks and models, theories and concepts in your analysis and discussion of firm level analysis to explore distinct resources and capabilities of the company. You may employ relevant knowledge from other subjects that you have studied in the course to carry out a multiple analysis and theoretical interpretation.

• Identify key policies, systems and processes including operational, structuring, control, learning and knowledge management, and performance management related to the global strategic CSR and ethical approach of the company that aligns effective strategic planning and execution for sustainability. 

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• Examine and justify how the organization addresses and integrates global CSR, ethics and sustainability aspects in positioning (global business strategy) the organization as a proactive approach to CSR and sustainability meeting and/or exceeding industry and institutional CSR, ethical and sustainability requirements.

• Analyze industry to assess how the selected company positions itself in the industry against key players in the market to guide the organization to address current and future opportunities and challenges in terms of ecological, and social aspects of the changing environment.

• Develop a future global strategic and ethical road-map for the firm’s growth and development for the next 5 years including ethical and sustainable global strategic management of its value chain to differentiate the organization’s offerings for the market. You may use a diagram to illustrate your strategic road-map.

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 Your assignment should be presented as a business report and the format should be as follows

1. Cover Page

2. Executive Summary

3. Content Page

4. Introduction (Business problem, objective and scope of the report)

5. Methods you use to collect and analyse data and information

6. Titles and sub headings to cover the appropriate content described in the assessment

7. Conclusion and recommendations (conclusion and recommendations   should be drawn from analysis, discussion and argument in your report)

8. References

9. Appendixes

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