Human Trafficking and Free Labor

Human Trafficking and Free Labor
Human Trafficking and Free Labor

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Human Trafficking and Free Labor

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Criminal investigation TOPIC: HUMAN TRAFFICKING AND FREE LABOR. The Exploitation of Women and Children as Sex Slaves in the Human Trafficking Trade in the U.S. and Worldwide.

1: Include background, development of rationale and justification of the position on the topic.

2: Incorporate the definition of Integrity: (pledge to be honest, just and consistent in word and deed.)

3: in the References please include U.S. Authors and two Internet Research. 

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Human Trafficking and Free Labor

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Human trafficking and free labor


The global recognition of the rights that accrue to one by virtue of their humanity is one that was seen with the promulgation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Articles 3, 4, 5, 12, 23 and 24 of the human rights declaration prohibit the treatment of any human in a manner that is likely to violate their person and choices. The broad definition of trafficking by the United Nations has brought to light several factors that have to be considered in the determination of whether one has been victim of trafficking or not.

The movement of people from one area to another could be across international borders or within the same territorial jurisdictions for purposes that violate their respective rights is generally considered as human trafficking. The rising cases of human trafficking especially in women and children for sexual and labor exploitation is a worrying trend.

The lack of specific statistical data due to undocumentation of the movement of these people shows that there are more victims than what is currently being held out by the various authorities (Van Dijk and van der Heidjen, 2016). The future of the women and children who have fallen victims and are potential victims of this vice is the reason for the increased calls of cooperation between states and other international organisations to help in curbing it.

Human trafficking and migration

The movement of people from their original home whether it is across international borders or within their original jurisdictions can be vaguely used to describe migration. The instability that come with such movement plunges many people to a state of despair and hence renders them volatile to predators who exploit their vulnerability in to coercing them to sex work and prostitution and other forms of labor that are otherwise considered illegal.

The United States has been recognised as an origin, market and transit for the trafficking of persons. These victims come from all jurisdictions and sometimes even the citizens (Siskin and Wyler, 2013). This worrying trend gets even worse as the trafficking goes on along the international borders as well as the within states. It is a rampant practice that has seen the movement and exploitation of more than 175,000 people within the United States.

These movements are obtained via three main ways, the victim are either coerced by the promise of good jobs and lives on the other side, forced to move or be subjected to other inhumane treatments or are blackmailed to moving or risk something bad happening to their loved ones. In all these methods, the victims always do not have the free choice to make decisions.

Most of the times, they are stripped off their travel documents, if they are documented or are moved without the proper documentation to ensure that they have no option but stay and do whatever is demanded of them. There treatment is normally accompanied by brutality in case any of their handlers are dissatisfied with their conduct (Burke, 2015), where a ‘pimp’ was heard saying that he beat a women so much that his hands were swollen as a result.

The movement of people in search for a better life and the quest to earn something in the industrialized states has fueled human trafficking. The dream of attaining the American dream and help elevate the standards of living back home is one of the main contributors in trafficking. This is due to the perceived belief that there are many job opportunities as well as social amenities that would improve their lives.

Upon moving, the reality on the ground is usually a rude shock to many as they find themselves with no money and due to the higher standards of living and the high cost of transportation back, the best way to earn enough to support them and their travels is by turning to these pimps who promise to make everything better. The restrictions and working conditions are usually more than they have attained and hence getting formal employment becomes a problem.

This lead to the labor exploitation in major factories and plants as without the proper paper work, they will be rendered unemployed. These conditions make the migrants remain working at these places where they are exploited as undocumented employees who work more than the required time limits with very little payment.

In a nutshell, the movement of one from one jurisdiction causes instability in their respective lives and this provides the optimal opportunity to the traffickers who exploit their vulnerability to exploit them for sex and labor…..

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