Concrete vs. Virtual Manipulatives

Concrete vs. Virtual Manipulatives
Concrete vs. Virtual Manipulatives

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Concrete vs. Virtual Manipulatives


Concrete vs. Virtual Manipulatives. After completing the readings from the online articles Manipulatives: The Missing Link in High School Math (Curtain-Phillips, n.d.) and “Concrete” Manipulatives, Concrete Ideas (Clements, 1999) compare and contrast the use of concrete manipulatives and virtual manipulatives in math instruction.

Part 1

• Discuss your experiences, if any, with using manipulatives in your own classroom.

• What are the pros and cons for using each (concrete manipulatives and virtual manipulatives)?

• Discuss an instance where you would use a virtual manipulative over a concrete manipulative and vice versa.

Submit two to three paragraphs in response in your post to the class Discussion Board.In addition, view the online resources pages 400 and 432 in our Van de Walle et al. (2013) text.

Part 2

• Select one resource to investigate further.

o Give a brief summary (1-2 paragraphs) of the resource.

o How can this resource be utilized in a math classroom?

o Post your 2-3 paragraph response in the class Discussion Board.

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Concrete vs. Virtual Manipulatives Essay

Concrete vs. Virtual Manipulatives Essay: The class discussion revolves around measuring of objects and if the given explanations will match the length, weight, volume, area, time and angle. It considers to what extent the recommended sequence of instruction for the measurement reflects in the curriculum material.

Some of the activities undertaken involve making of shapes using two different shapes particularly two pieces made by combining two triangles. The differences or similarities in the shapes formed are observed. Activities also involved exploring area relationship and having an understanding of how to measure shapes with the use of measuring tools, one only needs to understand the relationship of side lengths and the number of side lengths that are exposed. The invention of area formulas was also part of activities that were carried out. Area formulas were invented by use of enlarged copies, use of paper cutting and folding the two-dimensional figures to with the help of the defined technique.

Advantages of concrete manipulative

Concrete manipulative is simple to form and easy to move around, it improves the creativity of students when selecting attributes and corresponding units, students possess more control on the work they do, and the process can be traced back for reference. Concrete manipulative gives an opportunity for trial and error, students can openly observe the units used, it is easier to compare to the real-life situation and cheap as it does not require any use of…

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