Contract Law Assignment

Contract Law
Contract Law

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Contract Law


The purpose of this project is to create a plan that demonstrates your understanding of contract law. 
The project requires you to identify and analyze legal issues and to make recommendations based on one or more fact patterns. These issues will relate to the concepts covered in weeks 4 and 5 about contract law.
You will also develop skills in developing a PowerPoint presentation, in writing a summary report and using critical thinking to write an in-depth comprehensive analysis.

Outcomes Met by Completing this Assignment:

Recommend appropriate actions in the business environment based on an understanding of sources of law, legal process and procedure, and available remediesanalyze contractual rights, obligations, liabilities, and remedies in the business environment

For Project 2

You may search the internet for sample contracts, but not copy/paste form contracts from internet.The project contracts are to be relatively simple, straightforward and reflect all facts included in the scenario, but only the facts given – it is best to not “over think:” or make the assignment overly difficult.Please review the assigned materials for details about what is to be included in sales contracts.

The best e-contracts are relatively simple, straightforward, clear. Many of you will have been a party to an e-contract, so you can apply your experience, as well as assigned material to create a sample e-contract for the facts given.Contract typically should be specific, very clearly written, and not too complex.

Read the Following Background Information:

The PI owners are anticipating that as the business begins and becomes busy, potential contract-related problems and disputes could arise from purchases of paints and supplies from Naturals, and from sales of supplies and paints to local and internet customers.

For example, the PI owners know from their prior business experiences, that hassles often develop with manufacturers when a company places an email purchase order to which the manufacturer does not reply, but simply ships nonconforming goods or ships orders too late to meet customer needs. Another problem area is related to internet sales where customers often claim the sales contract is confusing or incomplete sometimes resulting in mistakes in orders and cancellations. 

These problems can be time-consuming, detrimental to the bottom line, and can create damaging publicity and a negative image for any business.

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Pat and Gale, the lead consultants working with the PI owners, and you, along with the PI owners, Jo, Maddy, and Taylor have discussed these problems and the need to minimize disputes and liabilities for PI arising from its contract agreements.
After several meetings, Pat and Gale ask you to develop sample form contracts designed to minimize contract sales disputes and possible liabilities for PI.


There are two parts to this project. In the first part, you will create two (2) sample contracts. In the second part, you will write a brief memorandum.

Part I

Create the following two (2) sample contracts for PI that are all consistent with UCC rules regarding sales.

A. Create a standard form sales contract to be used to purchase an order of paint from Naturals.
B. Develop a standard e-contract form for internet sales of paint sold by PI to internet customers; include shipping policies and procedures. (PI will be reselling paint it purchases from Naturals via the internet.)

DO NOT use standard form contracts from the internet; this will be obvious and will not receive credit.

Part II: 

Write a brief memorandum addressed to the PI owners. Write in depth, comprehensive analysis and explanations to support conclusions.

Explain the following: 

Analyze and discuss how the standard form sales contract (created in Part 1. A. above) for purchase of paint from Naturals will help prevent or minimize contract disputes and possible liabilities.Analyze and discuss how the standard form e-contract (created in Part 1. B. above) for internet sales of PI paint will help prevent or minimize contract disputes and possible liabilities and losses.

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Format for Report

Create a Word or Rich Text Format (RTF) document
Double-spaced, 12-point font, Arial or Times New Roman
No page requirement
Include title page with your name, course/section number
Use in text citations
Include a References list of cited resources
Write clearly and concisely.

Use the given scenario and facts to create the sample contracts; do not use contract forms from the internet – that will be obvious and may result in grade penalties.
Label each part as follows: 

Part I

Part II

Review the Contracts and Memorandum

Thoroughly read the contract and memorandum to ensure all required elements are present. Use the grading rubric to ensure that you gain the most points possible for this assignment.

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