The Pacific War

The Pacific War
The Pacific War

The Pacific War

For your Module III essay please answer the following question:

“8. Evaluate the alternative strategic courses of action open to the United States for terminating the Pacific War. Was there any better course of action to follow other than the one actually executed?”

Three pieces of advice:

1. The question is asking you to evaluate the strategic options available to the U.S., specifically with regard to how to terminate the conflict once Germany surrendered in May 1945. So be sure to provide thorough evaluations of at least two alternative strategic courses of action, and identify if you believe any of these alternatives would have been “better” than the strategy the US actually used.

2. Remember that strategies should be designed to achieve desired Policy Goals.

3. As a reminder, these essays are designed to be Critical Analyses, and as such you should only base your arguments on the information that the leadership/decision makers at THAT TIME had available to them. There should not be any “Monday-Morning Quarterback” information presented that has only been revealed/derived after the conflict ended.

In addition to the formatting and writing style information contained in Annex A, I have again attached a copy of the Writing Guide here because it is imperative that you read through it carefully and reference it during all stages of your essay development.

Be sure your essay meets all of the requirements outlined in Annex A and the Writing Guide, especially those listed below, and addresses any formatting and organizational detractors found in your Module II essay.

I also encourage all students to have someone completely unfamiliar with the essay/materials proofread the essay prior to submittal to make sure their essay/argument makes sense and is influential/effective.

1. The Thesis Paragraph “answers” the questions assigned. There should be no doubt in your readers’ minds exactly how you have chosen to answer the assigned question.

2. The Main Body of your essay develops your thesis paragraph in a logical and easy to follow manner and includes supporting information/facts/figures/ statements from the syllabus source materials.

3. The essay contains a Counter Argument in which you examine a feasible opinion/idea that is different than one or more of the ideas you present in your thesis.

4. The essay contains a Rebuttal in which you convincingly disavow the idea/opinion presented in your counterargument and further support one/more of your ideas contained in your thesis.

5. The essay contains the correct formatting as indicated in the Writing Guide/Annex A (cover page, page numbering, citations, margins, etc).

The Pacific War

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