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Digital marketing: Competition

Competition in an industry presents itself in various ways. Thus, a company should always seek a means of gaining a competitive advantage over its competitors. Michael Porter’s industry analysis approach is a useful mechanism of ascertaining where the power in a market lies. In the lead industry, there are several companies producing lead products which mean that the competition is high. Rivalry within the industry is high because of the high rate of substitution within the industry.

The threat of substitution, according to Michael Porter, regards a situation where the clients of a company can get a similar product that fulfills a similar need from a different source at comparatively lower prices (Yeonshin et al., 2016). That means that the customer base of the organization will be affected. The threat of substitution increases because the product is also imported by other companies which render the competition even stiffer.

Gaining a competitive advantage against the competition requires that Swansea TV embraces a new marketing strategy and that is digital marketing. The use of this mechanism will increase the company’s ability to connect to more clientele which will increase the customer base of the organization. The following are mechanisms that Swansea will use to gain traffic over the Internet:

Referral traffic

Persuading other websites to connect to Swansea TV website is costly and time-consuming. For example, some will demand remuneration for creating traffic while some may not agree. Averting this situation is possible through the use of referral traffic. That can be done by creating website content that is good to the extent that other sites seek linkage from the Swansea TV website (Barry et al., 2015).

An instance can be traced back to the Google’s Panda update regarding the kick in the proverbial teeth. The content was attractive so much that eBay was willing to purchase. Having attractive content on the website will require prolific content writers who are creative and innovative.

Implementation of schema micro data

Corredoira and Sood (2015) define schema markup as a code or semantic vocabulary put on a website with the purpose of helping search engines provide much more informative outcomes. Therefore, the schema can tell the search engine the meaning of the data on a website and not just what it says. For the users, this is helpful while they search the internet. For Swansea TV, this will be extremely helpful in ensuring that the website is among the first options that come when someone searches for related content.

Digital marketing: Email marketing

Critchlow et al. (2016) describe email marketing as a direct marketing form involving the use of electronic mail as a medium of disseminating fundraising or commercial messages to a specific audience. Swansea TV can seek to use this mechanism as it is one of the simplest digital marketing tools to employ. It is also less costly, and the fact that it is a direct means of reaching out implies that it has great potential of directing traffic to the company’s website.

It entails crafting a message to the potential clients of the organization driving them towards the Swansea TV company website (Summers, Smith and Walker, 2016). That means that the message will advertise the competitive prices of the company’s products as a basis of attracting the clients.

Conversion tracking

This is a tool whose purpose is to show the events that take place once a customer clicks on an advertisement (Xia and Pedraza-Jiménez, 2015). That is, it informs the owner if the customer signed up for the business newsletter, downloaded the app, called the business call center or even if they purchased the product. Swansea TV will utilize the server to server tracking method which stores the tracking information on the servers instead of using cookies. The need of a conversion approach is to evaluate the success of the digital marketing approaches that will be used.  


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