The format of the report:

Title Page (1 page)  Body of the report • Introduction/rationale (this will incorporate a reworking of the proposal including the database source) (1-2 pages)  • Abbreviated Literature Review of all three sources/background material on the problem being studied (Use APA style in-text citations) (1-2 pages)  • Graphical and Numerical Summaries (length will vary)  • Hypothesis Testing (1 page)  • Conclusion and Recommendations for further study (1-2 pages)  Reference page (3 literature sources and the database source needed using APA reference style) (1 page)  Appendices: Copies of the three articles from the literature review

The report needs to address the following:

Clearly identify the null and research hypotheses.

Identify the type of data being studied (e.g. ordinal)  Identify the population and the sample and discuss the method of sampling and why this method was chosen.

Discuss limitations resulting from the sampling method chosen or sample size available.  Identify in words what constitutes Type I and Type II errors for this problem.

Descriptive statistics with appropriate means of presentation.

Discussion of the statistical analysis used, why it is chosen, and what the results tell us.

Below are some Databases and Resources you can use (select one topic to complete the project)  1. Internet Statistics: Growth and Usage of the Web and the Internet:  2. Consumer Price Index:  3. Employment Statistics:  4. Population Estimates For The U.S.:………………



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