Spurgeon, C. H. Lectures to My Students: Book Critique

Spurgeon, C. H. Lectures to My Students
Spurgeon, C. H. Lectures to My Students

Spurgeon, C. H. Lectures to My Students

Book Critique

Bibliographical Entry:

The Holy Bible, English Standard Version. Copyright ©2001 by Crossway Bibles, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers.

Spurgeon, C. H. Lectures to My Students. Peabody, MA: Hendrickson Pub, 2010.


Spurgeon’s book “Lectures to my Students” is a journal that pastors, ministers, and those pursuing training for ministerial positions use as a reference. Charles Spurgeon has authored several books on the principles that people in ministry should adhere into a bid to be better ministers of the gospel. This book was written to establish the principles that spiritual leaders need to avoid that include unhallowed and the use of endearing words in ministry, thus showing the elements that pastors need to incorporate into their lives to remain consistent in their prayer lives.

Additionally, Spurgeon reiterates on the essence of developing a relationship with Christ, the necessity of prayer, the genuineness of having a call to serve, and a thirst to reach the lost. Speaking to his students on the element of Christian life Spurgeon ululates that, “For a herald of the Gospel of Christ to be spiritually out of context in an individual’s proper person is, both to himself and to the work he is called to do, a most serious catastrophe[1].

Ministers in this care are required to be vigilant in prayer, faithful in their private devotions, and understanding the fact that their souls must be taken care of before they consider taking pastoral ministries on others.

Spurgeon delves into greater detail on the reasons why the call for ministry needs to be authentic, with origins from God. Ministers are therefore advised to have the desire to serve, an aspect that details the need for gentleness even under difficult circumstances, and the inclusion of good judgments in ministry. In his book, Spurgeon provides examples of unfortunate cases of individuals who go into ministry without authentic calls from God. 

In regards to the calamity, Spurgeon alleges that hundreds of ministers have lost their course and stumbled against the pulpit, sorrowful evidence that depicts the fruitlessness of their ministries and decaying churches which currently surround the world[2]. It is prudent to consider that Spurgeon points to the need to understand that God only opens doors for ministers who are faithful[3].

The call to ministry as evidenced by Spurgeon is a call to holiness and godly characters. Individuals striving to minister must be people who are looked up to by the society. They must be examples of what it means to be true followers of Christ. The ministers therefore need to pious and develop high moral standards that are consistent with the principles of the bible.

Spurgeon shows his eloquence in regard to a godly living by alleging that the world finds it challenging to trust people who are two faced, nor will the world believe in those whose practical and verbal testimonies are contradictory[4]. The inclusion of these godly characters resonates from an individual’s faith in the person of Christ. In his teachings about sermons, Spurgeon advices his student’s to preach Christ always[5].


Surgeon on his book Lectures to my Students is an important edition that offers ministers practical lessons and guidelines that prepare them for ministry especially on what they may encounter and approaches of staying on the right course. One of the greatest strengths of Surgeons works remains in the practical application presented to the ministers in the book. The practical application documented in the book is seen in the author’s presentation of what ministers need to do within their ministerial lives both in public and privately.

On the other hand, Spurgeon speaks more on sermons, hence insisting that sermons need to give teachings that can be applied in everyday life. Additionally, he insists that the truth should never be held back no matter how complex or unpopular it may sound[6]. The author also reminds ministers on the importance of humility, hence denoting the need for ministers to understand that they are called by their creator to serve the Universe. This intrigues the practicality and application of our place within God’s scheme, an approach that gives reverence to God’s priorities.

However, it is imperative to note that there are weaknesses to Spurgeon’s book to the 21st century readers. Spurgeon is considered to have served in England in the 1800’s and ministry has revolutioned since then. One aspect relates to language that has immensely changed over the last 200 years. Additionally, changes are notable in doctrinal beliefs among different Baptist groups in England compared to those that existed during Surgeons time.


Within the larger academic context, Spurgeon’s book Lectures to My Students is viewed as remarkable in standing the test of time by establishing approaches that ministers can enhance their relationship with Christ. Through this, the ministers of the Gospel are in a position to establishing the authenticity of their calling, and the need to fulfill the Great Commission.

The book therefore reminds spiritual leaders that things such as quit time, solitude, prayers and fasting are essential tools required in prospering the ministry of the Lord. In as much as these elements are viewed as popular, they remain essential in supporting the course of ministry. Spurgeon through his work exemplifies the ingredients required by pastors and servants of God in serving the world.

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