Self-Sufficient Electric Generator

Self-Sufficient Electric Generator
Self-Sufficient Electric Generator

Self-Sufficient Electric Generator

 The self-sufficient electric generator is a new invention that will help to increase the supply of renewable energy in the society. The electric generator will help many people to meet their energy needs considering that it can be used for several purposes. Moreover, this invention is an appropriate source of electricity in today’s society because it is less costly and it does not cause environmental pollution (Islam, Hasanuzzaman, Rahim, Nahar, and Hosenuzzaman, 2014).

Self-sufficient electric generator Invention

            The invention discloses a self-sufficient electric motor and generator system accessories connected to each other. The motor will generate rational energy while the generator will produce electric energy. The two connected accessories will produce three-phase energy from the rational energy. Since both the motor and the generator can use either alternating current (AC), or direct current (DC), the invention can be made in either two or three-phase wires to produce AC or DC power. The system will serve general electric purposes including camping out, housing, industrial, and an excellent replacement of Gas, diesel, or any other engine petroleum dependency such as small or large car engines, heavy equipment, and machinery, among others. Additional advantages of the system include; easy portability, a home-based electric station for re-charging electric power cars, minimized maintenance costs, and lack of pollution because it does not produce smoke and noise. (Phoolari, Pavanasudan, and Uday, 2014).

Self-sufficient electric motor and generator system is efficient regarding energy, expenses, and environmental protection. Specifically, the invention offers an alternative for electric energy and does not require extra expenses for purchasing fuel tanks, oil filters, and for system maintenance. Moreover, the energy source will help to solve the problem of global warming because there will be no smoke and tailpipe emissions from automobiles.

Reference List

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