Self Development and Self Management

Self Development
Self Development

Self Development and Self Management

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For individuals to perform better there are things that they ought to do.  According to Illand (2012, p.45), two of the fundamental things for good performance are self management and self development. These two aspects of performance are important for the purpose of ensuring that individual contribution towards the overall objective of an organization is capable of creating high level efficiency.

For better understanding of the above two aspects of an individual, the details of each one of them will be discussed in this essay. Additionally, this essay will focus on the concepts that surround each one of them. This essay will also try as much as possible to outline the theories that give more insight of self management and self development. A summary of all that surrounds self management and self development will be given in the conclusion section.

Self management

Self management refers to the taking up personal responsibility in all matters related to the behavior of an individual. In self management, it is the duty of a person to ensure that the decision to take a particular path in terms of action lies squarely on him or herself (Eicholz 2011, p.64). Self management stipulates that a person should be able to have self control when it comes to the way he or she handles personality related affairs.

For successful self management process, it is important to draw guidance from various aspects of an individual. Self management is more concerned with a person being able to understand more about oneself. It entails first being able to gather more self knowledge. With self knowledge identified, it is possible to have proper self management through inviting certain skills and aspects into the behavior of an individual.

One of the things that enhance self management is motivation. Motivation refers to the ability of a person to be able to develop interest in doing something (Nussbaum 2013, p.39). Therefore, with motivation an individual will always have a positive attention towards activities that he or she purposes to do.

Secondly, self management is usually supported positively by having self reflection. Self reflection refers to the process of looking deeply into the personality of an individual. Therefore, when a person is able to understand better about his or her personality and skills, it is always easy to have self management.

Self management is also supported by coming up with ambitious targets. Upon reflecting and knowing oneself better, an individual is supposed to set some bars that have to be hit (Merkle 2011, p. 21). These targets regarding self behavior should be set so that they offer a clear guidance towards achievement of full self management. Additionally, an individual should come up with a system for analysis and evaluation of the self management process. This is necessary for the purpose of ensuring that the process of self management does not spin out of control.

Self development

Self development refers to an individual activity where the aspects that define a person are improved consistently. Self development refers to a situation whereby an individual is able to improve on aspects of life such as the skills held, level of talent, the level of self awareness and knowledge. From self development, an individual is able to perform better each new day as a result of improving on the personal driving forces.

The importance of self development is emphasized by the fact that certain changes keep on occurring. The fact that the environment in which people operate in keep on changing calls for self development for the purpose of catching up. Additionally, work and employment situations of individuals keep on changing thus the need for individuals to embrace self development to ensure that there are no negative effects as a result of the dynamism.

An individual is supposed to ensure that the process of self development leads to positive results (Gall 2011, p. 245). This is necessary since it ensures that there is good progress that a person is experiencing. For positive effects to be experienced by a person, it is important to for a person to ensure that whatever needs to be improved is well defined. This means that the aspects that an individual wants to make better about him or herself need to be clear.

The importance of clear target for improvement lies in the fact that it is easy to make a clear self management plan and evaluate accordingly as the process continues (Reddy 2012, p.16). Additionally, for a successful self management process, it is extremely important for an individual to come up with a priority list of whatever is to be improved. The need for prioritizing what is to be improved is brought about by the fact that some aspects and skills are required first so that they may support the process of self management (Udo 2013, p. 18).

For example, the improvement of personal discipline is a priority for the purpose of supporting the improvement of others such as consistency. It is worth noting that the process of prioritizing in self development is made better through identifying what aspects or skills of an individual will be required in future. This means that efforts put on improvement should target aspects or skills of a person that will be useful in future.

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Theories supporting self management and self development

There are several theories that have content supporting self development. Developmental humanistic approach theory argues that employees should be given power through being taken for training. According to Masters and Wallace (2013, p.32), this theory argues that when the employees are given an opportunity to learn, they get to improve on some of their skills thus benefiting an organization.

Additionally, when people employees are taken through developmental processes, they feel appreciated and in return create more output for an organization. The other theory that supports self development is the human capital theory. The human capital theory argues that it is beneficial to put more resources into human resource development in an organization.


It is worth noting that it is only personal responsibility which is capable of moving a person to a higher level of self management and development. The consistency of the positive aspects of these personal activities should be grown every day. Every person should ensure that the skills that improve the level of self management and development are internalized for better results.

For efficient processes of self management and self development, it is necessary to have a good system for carrying out evaluation (Davis 2014, p,89). These processes should be evaluated regularly to ensure that they are within the plan. Any negative deviations identified in the process of evaluation should be controlled to ensure that the relevance of self management and self development is not lost.

The strengths identified and improved should be utilized to ensure that the performance of an individual is at a high level. Furthermore, if any weaknesses are identified, it is important to ensure that they are managed well and transformed into strengths.


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