SEC 10-K PowerPoint Presentation

SEC 10-K PowerPoint Presentation

•You will also be required to prepare a brief PowerPoint presentation between 6 to 10 slides (not including title and reference slides).
•Consider presenting information in charts, graphs, and/or tables to make your presentation easier to read by an audience.
•Avoid having large blocks of text because this is difficult for an audience to read.
•Avoid copying blocks of text directly from your paper.
•You can include speaker’s notes to show what you’d “speak” if you were giving the presentation. However, you should avoid copying text directly from your paper since people speak different than they write. Plus if you simply copy text from your paper as your speaker’s notes, you’ll end up reading your presentation, which will sound stilted since, again, people speak differently than they write.
•Include a reference slide in APA format.

Avoid having too much text

It’s important to avoid having too much text on PowerPoint slides. Students often make the mistake of including too much text on their PowerPoint slides, which tends to be very difficult for a viewer to read. You don’t even have to include complete sentences. Short phrases or words are often enough because, remember, you’d be speaking your message rather than have them read. So a lot of text would be redundant and visually unappealing And you should definitely never copy and paste passages of text from your paper into your slideshow.

Charts, graphs, and tables

PowerPoint presentations are meant to be visual, so using charts, graphs, and tables to present your company’s information is much more effective than relying on large block of text. Here are some websites that offer guidelines for using the right chart or graph:
•Juice Labs – Chart Chooser ( )
•Types of Charts: Choose the Best Chart to Convey Your Message ( )
•How to Choose the Best Chart for Your Data ( )

Make a conclusion/recommendation

Speaking of conclusions, be sure to have one. Would you recommend investing in the company? What is your opinion of their outlook for the future? Be sure your conclusions can be supported with analysis.


SEC 10-K PowerPoint Presentation