RFID technology Research problems inside the Apple Company

RFID technology
RFID technology

RFID technology

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Formulate a research problem to solve with RFID technology, and the Apple company. Identify one key problem to study with RFID. Develop one hypothesis that will be the key question that would be addressed by such an analysis.

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RFID technology research problems inside the Apple Company

Research problem

Apple Inc., among other leaders in technology, continues to take up wireless systems as part of their bid towards the progression of technology. Among the recent uptakes has been variants of wireless technology for data and information transmission, as well as wireless charging. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is primarily the backbone of such breakthrough technologies (Ghosh, Goswami, Kumar, & Majumder, 2015). At Apple Inc., for example, RFID and other related subsets are responsible for the development of such products as Apple Pay, Apple TV, and Apple Watch.

As Apple Inc. continues to develop new products based on radio frequency identification, the technology has morphed to include various subsets of similar technologies. In the case of Apple Inc., the most usable of these is the original RFID implementation, as well as the newer NFC (Hayashi, 2012). Each of these technologies has its advantages, as well as some drawbacks. Research and reports from Apple Inc. show an uptake of NFC by the company over RFID. However, could the advantages of the ‘Old school’ RFID outweigh the current and potential benefits of NFC?….

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