RESEARCH PROPOSAL – BA(Hons) Business Administration (BABA)


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RESEARCH PROPOSAL – BA(Hons) Business Administration

Assessment Criteria   

Background / Rationale of the project (15%)

Any reasons given for choosing this topic / doing this project?                        

What are specific issues/problems to be sorted out in this project?                        

Appropriateness of the project?                    

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Preliminary review of the literature (30%)   

Articles identified for literature review closely related and relevant to the project?                     

Literature review consists of personal opinions and critical evaluation?                 

Different opinions or findings from different authors provided?                 

Specific areas or gaps not covered by previous research identified?                      

Key articles relating to the topic adequately covered up to most recent studies?              

Literature review presented in a systematic and logical flow?   

Research Proposal

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Research questions and objectives (15%)     

Research questions appropriate and answerable?               

Research objectives appropriate?                 

Research objectives achievable?                   

Research plan (25%)  

Reasons for choosing a particular research methods/strategy clearly stated?                   

Brief description of the chosen research methods / strategy provided?                 

Is the chosen research method/strategy appropriate for the research questions and objectives?             

Methods of collecting data clearly explained?                     

Sources of data identified?

Access to those data possible?              

Limitations of the chosen research method identified?         

Research Proposal

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Ethical considerations and timetable (10%)  

Ethical issues adequately dealt with?            

Timetable planning appropriate and sensible?                     

Harvard referencing, spelling and language used (5%)        

Harvard referencing accurate?                     

Spelling and grammar correct?            

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1          Will this project involve data on individual humans?

( This includes any questionnaire research)              

2          Will the study involve any physical or medical testing of any description be involved?                  

3          Will deception of participants be necessary during the study?                    

4          Will the study involve any invasion of privacy, or the accessing of confidential information about people/organization without their permission?                    

5          Does the project involve the collection of material that could be considered of a sensitive, personal, biographical, medical or psychological nature?                   

6          Will any vulnerable groups be involved? e.g young people under 18 interviewed.              

7          Does the project involve controversial literary or artistic works with human or animal participants?          

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