Research Papers –

Research Papers –
(1) Write a 5 page essay – Research and identify an organization whose organizational culture that you admire. Describe the follow: (a) The culture of the organization (b) What has caused the organization to have this culture? (c) What is it about the culture that you admire? (d) What makes the culture strong/weak in this organization? (e) What values to you and the organization share. Give examples. (e) Is there anything in the culture that you would like to change? Why or why not?

(2) Write a 15 page APA research paper (not including cover page, abstract or reference page) on a topic that has linkage to Organizational Behavior. Select a meaningful topic that holds interest you. Your topic will require instructor approval by October 5. The research paper must be typed and double spaced and to include:

1. Title Page
.2 Abstract (summary of your paper
3. Table of contents Page
4 Introduction (tells about the topic)
5. Background (tells why the topic is important )
6. Body (consists of the information that you have research)
7. Conclusion (wraps up what you have been discussing in your paper. You should not introduce any new points)
8. Recommendation (this section is not required but is useful because it allows for the expression of your opinions)

The paper must be based on the references acquired and avoid speculation or your opinion(s). Opinion is reserved for the recommendation section. Give equal weight to both pro and con positions regarding your topic. When making statement throughout the paper you must support the statement. That is, cite the author/expert who did the work you are referencing. The author/expert is your source of information and it lets the reader know where to find the source you cited. Do not assume the reader knows about the topic. All individuals and publications cited in the research paper must appear in the reference section; and conversely all those cited in the reference section must appear in the body of the paper. Finally, each section must be clearly identified as introduction, background, etc. When introducing a new thought/theme within the same section use side headings to alert the reader and direct his/her attention.
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