Research Paper

the informant in the attachme
We were all this week looking and analyzing the resources that you gave me. We have made some change in the research thesis. We could not decide if we can say for sure what is the mechanism that the man I gave you his video is doing.
Therefore, the professor gave me the motor pathways function. My assignment for next Monday is to create Excel and take every point that he had burned and analyze it. I mean for example when he burned the legs, there were some signals sent to the brain through (1) Ascending sensory pathways end up in the sensory cortex of the brain. (2) Then, there is some integration of the sensory input in the brain. (3) there movement is generated from the brain to the legs throughout a specific MOTOR PATHWAY.
Your assignment is to describe the motor descending pathways involved in burning case study, from the brain until the specie origin (movement of the left legs, right legs, left hand, and right hand). I want you to be veryspecific in the information include all the parts of the brain that have been involved including “Broadman area” and how the information is integrated and when they cross-out “decussation” or if it remain ipsilateral or counter-lateral and continue describing until the organ that generated movement is generated in the targeted area.
– Please include pictures for the motor “descending” pathways as well as detailed explanation.
– Include the creditable reference.
– I included the picture for both sensory pathway “for my partner”and motor pathways (my part) excel format that she wrote in the board to give you an idea. YOU DO NOT NEED TO LIMIT YOUR SELF WITH THE INFO IN THE BORD IT WAS JUST AN EXAMPLE ONLY.
– Please do not copy it will be post it in the blackboard and there is a plagrism checker.
The excel document format: (Stimuli—- pathways—comment —- reference)