Quality and Safety in Healthcare

Quality and Safety in Healthcare
Quality and Safety in Healthcare

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Quality and Safety in Healthcare

Constant improvement of quality and safety is an important aspect in healthcare. Nurses play an important role in improving quality and safety in healthcare. Be as it may, nurses are always in contact with patients during the entire treatment. Their actions, professionalism, and observation of ethical principles determine the level of quality of service and safety within the healthcare system (Simon et al., 2013).

Nurses need to be committed to offering quality services including offering grief support. Emphasis on good care plans to ensure protocol is followed when offering support to patient can improve the quality of care.

I learned that nursing ethics play an important role in improvement of quality and safety of patients. Nurses are guided by professional principles and ethical framework that ensure that patients are treated according to standard protocol put in place. Nurses are required to be caring to patients and communicate effectively to ensure that patient is comfortable throughout while in the hospital. Respecting other healthcare practitioners and building strong and professional relation could also help improve quality of healthcare (Elwyn et al., 2014).

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Nurses can also ensure that healthcare goals of registering desirable patient outcomes is achieved by ensuring that each individual and family takes part in the care process. By engaging patients and families in the process of care, nurses are able to improve patient outcomes and rates of satisfaction.  This is achieved through enhancement of the quality of the associations between the patient, the physician as well as the utilization of diagnostic testing, hospitalizations, and referrals.

Improvement of quality of healthcare can be achieved through observing its structure, processes, and outcomes. Structures essentially validates the availability, accessibility and quality of resources such as number of nurses, bed capacity among others. Nurses can help in improving quality of nursing through observing nursing principles and ethics, working through teamwork and involving family in provision of healthcare services.


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