Process Design Matrix and Summary

Process Design Matrix and Summary
Process Design Matrix and Summary

Process Design Matrix and Summary

Executive Summary

According to Chase and Jacobs (2011), the design of process is an essential part when it comes to incorporating the supply chain and operation strategy. The product design deals with analyzing the connection between the product and technological life cycle while service design presents the association between services offered and quality client experience. Generally, design matrix is a vital framework that helps a company to make decisions and establish a direction for products and services (see figure 1).

Process Design AspectPrepaid food (Service)car (Product)
Design focal pointCustomerEnd user
Strategyfaster delivery of goods to clients 
Process design approachDesign to facilitate easy ordering  Agree with producer, access various markets, hard to copy
Process mapFlowchartService design
Process Performance MeasurementCustomer feedback,Production phase,  time to market, quality
Factory location Transportation, sources of human capital, concentrate production    
Facility layout concentrate productivity
Process designthe design will directly influence clients   
Scheduling Adequate products
Production planning Production flow may not contribute to reduction in profitability  
WorkforceEffective interaction with clientsShould be competent to perform duties    
QualityEnhance client experience by decreasing lead timeenhance quality control while reducing weaknesses
CapacityUse of location, demand volatility, routine interactionEnsure system balance, forecasting  techniques equipment
InventoryAdoption of a push  inventory structureAdoption of a push  inventory structure

Figure 1. Design matrix

The prepaid food is selected for service while the car is a product for identifying appropriate process design matrix.  To effectively manage service and deliver on-site services, three forms of contrasting techniques such as product line, self-service and personal attention approach (Chase and Jacobs, 2011). Product line: the product line approach concentrates on the efficient production outcomes, which are services.                                                                                     

Based on this approach, the organization is in charge of controlling the implementation of every unity so as to ascertain not only speedy delivery but also a quality combination of prepaid foods in a clean environment. When it comes to the provision of prepaid food services, the product line approach is useful for the firm. In particular, it allows the organization to deliver quality services to clients.                                                                                                                              

Self-service: with this approach, customers are involved in the service production, which contributes to the improvement of service efficiency. Some of the techniques that transfer the burden to customers include electronic tickets, the firm websites and automatic teller machines (ATM).

In essence, the self-service approach will be valuable as it will help the food organization with respect to delivering high-quality products to the client and minimize time or service provision (Chase and Jacobs, 2011). As such, the self-service approach will help the firm to concentrate on delivering effective services in the shortest time possible.                

Personal attention approach; this technique highlights the need for ensuring a linkage between a sales person and clients to ensure good customer service. Together with other approaches, the personal approach will assist the food company to develop mutual association and ensure client loyalty. Conversely, to manage the production of items, there are a number of design techniques such as job shop, batch, assembly line, or continuous flow. 

The job shop process involves how duties are done by one employee or a team of employees. Again, under this process, there are several products as well as services like hairdressers, tailoring, and shipbuilding among others. However, with respect to a car, this is not applicable.                                   

In the batch production process, the design is categorized into numerous parts. In other words, products are manufactured in groups rather than individually, however products pass various stages and products have to be completed prior to moving to the subsequent phase (Chase and Jacobs, 2011). The batch production process is also appropriate in manufacturing which involves small to moderate volumes for a wide-range of products. When it comes to manufacturing a car, the batch production process is not appropriate.                                     

The assembly line is the most appropriate production process for cars. This is because it uses automated manufacturing sequence to produce same products along with a conveyor. For manufacturers, an assembly line process helps in the flow of materials along with several workstations (Chase and Jacobs, 2011). For efficacy purposes, an equal lead-time is required to accomplish tasks in every unit.

Explain how this can be applied to processes within your work or personal life and provide examples.

Service and production process can be applied in my work in different ways. For instance, product process like batch production can be used in my line of work when it comes to the manufacture of products with similar content. This process requires a lower capital investment that is efficient and also suitable for seasonal goods. Nonetheless, it is involving hence requires sophisticated technology to make the process faster. Service design process like job shop can be useful in work in terms of helping in performing duties with my colleagues.


Chase, R. B. & Jacobs, F. R. (2011). Operations and supply chain management (13th ed.). Retrieved from the University of Phoenix eBook Collection database

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