Primary Health Care Organizations in Georgia

primary health care
Primary Health Care

Primary Health Care Organizations in Georgia

Organizations that deliver primary health care here include Georgia’s Voice to end Breast Cancer, Georgia Public Health Association, Georgia Advocacy Office and Georgia Charitable Care Network among others.

Georgia’s Voice to end Breast Cancer is an organization founded by breast cancer survivors. Their focus is helping the people of Georgia put to an end the devastating disease cancer. They want to make a difference to about eight thousand Georgians who are yearly diagnosed with breast cancer (Kohler et al., 2015). They receive funding from collaborations with National Breast Cancer Coalition and individuals who were willing.

Georgia Public Health Association is a non-profit organization started in the role of promoting the public and personal health of the people of Georgia. It provides training, technical help and strategies to expand Federally Qualified Health Centers. Joining this organization gives one access to other health professionals, scholarships, recognition awards and opportunities for continuing education. Georgia Public Health Association receives most of its funding from government grants (Murray et al., 2013). This organization has for sure improved the environmental and personal health conditions of Georgia.

Georgia Advocacy Office is yet another organization that delivers primary health care in Georgia. They provide an array of services to people with disabilities in Georgia (Livermore, 2015). Examples are Investigation of an allegation of abuse, neglect, or violation of rights, assistance in negotiation on behalf of individuals and multicultural outreach to underserved or unserved persons with disabilities. Donations and grants from individuals and corporations fund this organization’s activities.

Finally, Georgia Charitable Care Network was founded in 2003 as a clinic network to offer free medical services to the people of Georgia. It consisted of a network of compassionate caregivers. They work with communities interested in starting clinics and solicit funds to distribute to members. This care network gets its primary funds from individuals and private foundations. This organization has been of great value Georgians for providing easier access to medical facilities.


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