Polypharmacy: Health Journal


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Polypharmacy: Health Journal

In my practicum setting a patient visited for a follow up check on several complex medical conditions. During the process, patient history was conducted whereby a variety of clinical and statistical data was captured. The history examined the past medical account of the patient whereby a review was conducted on the conditions that the patient was suffering from.

The history was also geared towards determining the past surgical history of the patient, his family history, current medication, possible allergies, and the systems review. Murphy et al., (2014) highlights that follow ups are vital since they enable practitioners to assess patient’s needs and implement proper interventions to avoid readmitting of patients. 

Researchers have well-established that polypharmacy is associated with an increase in the risk of adverse reactions, such as falls, poor vision, memory and hearing loss, decline in renal function, cognitive, functional impairment, as well as changes in metabolic rates (Maher et al., 2014; Jeffery & Kruse, 2014). However, from this patient it can be deduced that the adverse effects commonly linked to polypharmacy do not usually occur in all patients.

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This evidenced through the findings obtained in the patient history especially under the review of systems section whereby the patient denies having any adverse effects in most of her body system except for musculoskeletal system where the patient reports of experiencing back pain, joint pain, and shoulder pain.

For this patient, my plan will be to carry out diagnostic tests to identify the potential causes of the musculoskeletal signs and symptoms that the patient reports about. Moreover, examine the whether the patient is experiencing any progress from the treatment plan that she is undertaking.

My goal will be to ensure that the musculoskeletal signs and symptoms that the patient is complaining about are well controlled. Health care providers are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that patients receive the quality care delivery at all times (Martin-Misener & Bryant-Lukosius, 2014). Therefore, it will be my responsibility to ensure that the patient receives quality care delivery with improved outcomes.


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