Pillars of Society Matrix

Pillars of Society Matrix
Pillars of Society Matrix

Pillars of Society Matrix

PillarsWhat have you read? (use your textbook and other academic readings)What have you observed (personal experience)?How does your community impact the pillars?*What is the impact of technology?
PoliticsPolitics are designed to maintain checks and balance system through governance where the ruling class is associated with the rich who influence political decisions (Henslin & Nelson, 2011).The economy plays an important role in politics where leaders are elected based on the ability to fix economic issues in their countryA community can influence the political pillar of the society through voting or political participation rights (Henslin & Nelson, 2011)Technology can negatively or positively by getting extra income online or destruction of marriages through social websites.
Marriage and FamilyMarriage and family pillar of the society is economically influenced by class and wealth affecting the basic human needs that may lead to family conflicts and child abuse (Kaestle, 2011).Individual economic status affects his/her marriage and family status. The middle class society members focus on self actualization while low class society concentrates on sharing the available scarce resources (Henslin & Nelson, 2011).The community impacts the type of spouses that an individual is likely to chooseTechnology can negatively or positively by getting extra income online or destruction of marriages through social websites.
ReligionReligion society pillar based on literature economically influence the direction of prosperity.From personal experience, young generation tends to separate themselves from religious groups where economic development is taught and are likely to develop economicallyThe community play emphasis and advocate for controlled behaviors and life guidelines based on religious teachingThe young generation rely on technology to get religious teaching (Henslin & Nelson, 2011)
EducationEducation influences the economical gap between the rich and the poor where the rich are likely to reach at advanced education levels compared to the poor (Kaestle, 2011).From personal experience, the rich society obtains quality education considering their financial capability, advance communities embrace education compared to marginalized communities as educated individuals seek higher positions and good jobs.Technology provides easy access to education programs and shared knowledge stored in digital libraries.

The four pillars of society hold the society together and are essential for group survival as well as institutional function (Kaestle, 2011). The four pillars of society work together and the absence of one eliminates the rest.


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Kaestle, C. (2011). Pillars of the republic: Common schools and American society, 1780-1860. Macmillan.

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