Philosophical Ethics

Philosophical Ethics
Philosophical Ethics

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Philosophical Ethics

Please answer these questions:
• You will need to define philosophical ethics and how it is uniquely different from law, religion and etiquette. What is the basis and goal of philosophical ethics and the four domains that comprise philosophical ethics? 
• A solid grasp of the Divine Command Theory along with its strengths and limitations. Be sure you thoroughly understand the various critiques of the DCT found in the assigned readings.
• Mastery of conventional relativism as described by proponents such as Ruth Benedict. Also, be able to discuss the inherent limitations of this controversial theory as explained by Pojman.

Traditionally, ethicists sought to give general advice on how to live a good and happy life, but contemporary philosophers have increasingly moved to more abstract and theoretical questions. While some contemporary philosophers have voiced alarm at this trend, many contemporary ethicists still ask esoteric questions.

We may conveniently divide contemporary philosophical ethics into at least four parts. Meta-ethics conducts an analysis of moral concepts, ethical justification, and the meaning of moral language. Descriptive ethics describes ethical behavior among various people and in various cultures. (Social scientists now do most of this work.) Normative ethics contemplates the norms, standards, or criteria that serve as theories or principles for ethical behavior. Applied ethics applies normative theories to particular ethical problems like abortion, euthanasia, capital punishment, sexuality etc. Some areas of applied ethics have become their own sub-specialties like medical, environmental, business, or computer ethics.

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