Personal Statement

A personal statement is an emerging trend in many organizations that seek to recruit in highly competitive positions be it admission in schools, career opportunities or even for a scholarship position. A personal statement gives the writer an opportunity to sell him or herself by having to define himself in writing. Normally a personal statement has a word count to give the upper and lower limits of the words required.

Giving a personal statement could seem easy but it is the most challenging task that one could ever do. This is because one has to express oneself in a personal statement uniquely from the others.

A personal statement gives a clear picture of oneself. What is contained in the personal statement defines you; your values, strengths, weaknesses, attitudes and behavior all summed up to make up your personality.

On giving a personal statement the reader is no longer a stranger but one who knows you too well. Being an original statement, information therein is used for and against you and having identified what they are looking for in requesting you to write a personal statement, one is therefore approved or disapproved.

When writing a personal statement, you are to bring out the positive qualities you possess, be proud of your achievements but do not show off. Creativity is key in writing a personal statement to bring that detail of your life that makes you outstand among the rest.

The opening paragraph is what draws the attention of the reader and motivates one to continue reading your personal statement. Nobody is a natural story teller and for this reason giving a personal statement which is more or less a personal story requires skill. This is necessary as you are required to not only create an impression but also maintain and make the impression last. can come to your rescue in writing a personal statement. We are not only composed of experienced writers but have professors in our team who are in the position to know the expectations of what is to be included and omitted in a personal statement. We have samples of successful personal statements available at our samples/examples page. Our prices are the friendliest available in the market on ordering and guaranteed of outmost confidentiality of personal information and uniqueness. Visit us anytime at and place an order!