Performance Management in Health and Social care

Performance Management
Performance Management

Performance Management

Performance management is defined as an integrated strategic approach to delivering sustainable success to the organization by improving individual performance. Performance management is a system that helps in identifying ways to achieve the set organizational goals by constantly assessing and providing feedback that results in improved employee performance (Johansson‐Sköldberg, et al, 2013, p. 121).

The main approaches to measuring performance have identified the domains where adjustments are necessary. Performance appraisal is one of the appropriate ways of measuring individual performance. Performance appraisal involves measuring, providing feedback, positive reinforcement sharing and agreeing on set standards. Measurement is the process of determining if the set organizational goals were achieved.

After obtaining individual performance progress feedback is provided involving positive feedback to reinforce good performance. Exchanging and sharing of ideas involves reviewing the past performance and sharing experiences for learning purposes. The agreement is the final process where the set goals and objectives are discussed (Gale, et al, 2010, p 606).

Task 3.2                                                    

Identifying individual training needs of an employee refers to reviewing the set goals and addressing the key activities to be conducted to achieve the set goals. Assessment of individual training and development needs entails monitoring performance and evaluating weak points.

Keen observation and measuring employee performance and progress is important because the outcomes will provide the training needs and the type of training and development for individual employees. Development of needs involve conducting period training as part of the learning and development process.  Periodic training will improve individual skills and behavior attitudes to increase the level of performance (MacFarlane, et al, 2011, p 63).

Task 3.3

According to Tay, Moul and Armstrong (2016, p 115), some of the strategies that can be implemented for improvement of individual in health and social care place of work can be done by offering performance feedback and incentives. Performance feedback is offered using appraisals and targets. Employees will be motivated to achieve certain targets and goals which are geared towards achieving organization goals.

If employees achieve the goals they will be rewarded by using incentive packages such as bonuses in form of increasing salary, additional training or other recognition rewards. If an employee does not achieve the goals, they should be criticized constructively to work towards achieving organization goals. This will boost individual performance because the employee will understand what is expected of him.

Performance feedback whether positive or negative can solve conflicts and update employees on their weak areas hence giving the opportunity to rectify their performance behavior that might hinder employees from achieving their career objectives.

Gale, et al. (2010, p 609) states that attractive performance –based incentives motivate employees with nonfinancial incentives having lasting impact than financial incentives. Incentives might vary from increased wages to training and development program and special rewards.

HR managers need to implement reward systems that will motivate employees. Rewarding is the process of recognizing employee’s performance and acknowledging their contribution .Rewards will encourage individuals to aim higher and work towards meeting the set objectives.


Taylor, P. (2013).Performance Management and the New Workplace Tyranny. A Report for the. Scottish Trades Union Congress .Retrieved from  

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