Patient Care: Nursing Entrance Essay

Patient Care
Patient Care

Question One: Patient care

            The patient care that I have provided has greatly influenced my career and my decision to advance my nursing education. Although I am a licensed practical nurse (LPN), the nature of patient care that I have provided is far much above my professional level. Most of the care services I offer perfectly match those that should be performed by a registered nurse. For instance, I have been able to obtain a specialty in allergies just like a registered nurse.

Due to my commitment to patient care, I have been promoted to head the sub-acute unit of the hospital where I currently work. I have frequently had the privilege to train registered nurses who are deployed at my unit despite the fact that I belong to a lower rank than them. Surprisingly, a large percentage of registered nurses whom I have interacted with have succeeded in their careers, not only in my current hospital but also in other facilities.

            These achievements have influenced me to continue my nursing education. As Farinaz (2016) explains, there is always a limit of the nature of patient care that an LPN can provide. Being an LPN, there is a limit of what I can do to my patients and my fellow nurses. In this regard, I feel that by advancing my education, I will acquire additional nursing knowledge and skills that will enable me to possess competencies that resemble those of a registered nurse.

With these academic qualifications, I will be in a position to perform more advanced caring roles than the ones that I can offer at the moment. Furthermore, I believe that advancing my nursing education will increase the salary that I shall be able to earn. Being a single mother of three, I honestly think that I should be compensated well to motivate me to work hard because most of the tasks that are delegated to me should be performed by a registered nurse.

Question Two

            With the nursing knowledge and skills that are currently possessed, together with those that are yet to be acquired, I see myself contributing positively to the nursing profession. According to Arabi, Rafii, Cheraghi, and Ghiyasvandian, (2014), nurses make an enormous contribution to the nursing profession by protecting the quality of health care. I believe that the goal of a successful nurse is always to make a meaningful contribution to his or her profession.

I am highly committed to achieving this goal, and I increasingly utilize my work experience to make a significant change to nursing. With seven years of professional experience, I stand out as a nurse who can deliver quality patient care. Furthermore, I always strive to provide care by my educational training to protect my licensure. I work hard every day to become part of highly qualified nurses who can deliver the highest quality care as recommended by the Institute of Medicine (The Institute of Medicine, 2010).

            Furthermore, I will contribute to the nursing profession by utilizing my skills and knowledge to assist my supervisors as well as my fellow nurses. As I continue to deliver extraordinary care to patients, I extensively interact with my supervisors because this helps me to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses.

I am eager to learn to fill my knowledge gaps and to fit to work in the rapidly changing medical and nursing fields. In this manner, I will be in a position to make meaningful reforms to the nursing profession and to take patient care to a higher level. The contribution that I can make to nursing encompasses both patient advocacy and change implementation (Arabi et al., 2014).

Reference List

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