Ovid Amores Quiz Coursework

Ovid Amores
Ovid Amores

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Ovid Amores Quiz

1. The Ovid’s metamorphoses are used in two forms within a play that include the Titian Perseus and Andromeda. The authors consequently make use of the traditions, magic and myths to make a clear depiction to the viewers on how human conditions have the capacity to transform things (Goh, 2015). The aspect of imagination and love remain the essential elements in the theme of transformation. The use of different figures of imagery are essential in the Ovid’s in order to ensure the understanding of the viewers and the meaning of the play as it relates to the current context.

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2. The three references to warfare as presented in Ovid include the aspect of sexual desires, deep emotional declarations and external devotions to the flippant arguments on the element of promiscuity (Goh, 2015). In Amore, Ovid views himself as a beautiful and elusive mistress. Intimacy is also reviewed in this poetry that vanishes in the Art of Love that clearly shows the guides to sexual conquest.

3. Some of the inversions presented in these poems and the manner in which they point to the cultural contradictions in the Roman World include the social and cultural ramifications of the events that transpire in the poem and that relate to the Roman World (Perkins, 2015).

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4. Some of the Roman concepts of masculinity and femininity in the poem can be seen when the poet uses a poetic figure of women that is constructed in reaction to the rhetoric need of the abject that seeks to establish the moral and the writing authorities (Perkins, 2015). The poet empowers herself through the contention with an absent beautiful figure which may be determined as either male or female.

5. The author makes use of the warrior character to depict Cupids power that was developed to chase some of the female characters (Perkins, 2015). In as much as the female characters looked non-committal, they choose to evade these capturing and followed their individual desires. This depicts the power of women as illustrated in the poetry.


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