Nonprofit Employee Retention

Nonprofit Employee Retention
Nonprofit Employee Retention

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Discussion: Nonprofit Employee Retention

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After reviewing the Keys to Nonprofit Employee Retention strategies, identify 2 areas that are important for a human services nonprofit agency in order to maximize employee retention. Explain why those areas are important, and provide examples supported by research.

As a rule of thumb, nonprofit organizations struggle to recruit and retain the right talent. This is an issue as human capital drives success. Talent is recognized as the most important asset in today’s knowledge economy. Further, poor employee engagement means high turnover, low morale and poor customer service (for both beneficiaries and donors). This poses a blow to your fundraising and other efforts towards achieving your mission. Lack of investment in talent can lead to high turnover and hurt organizations’ sustainability and mission impact. However, we can combat this problem by strategically investing in employee retention activities.

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