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Nando's HR
Nando’s HR

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Nando’s HR 

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Description of Assessment Requirements

As a Human Resource Management Consultant, you have been invited by a NANDOS (refer to for a case study on Nandos but you are expected to do your own research) to advise them on the possibility of taking their HR practices to the next level in order to compete more effectively in the marketplace.

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In particular the Board of Directors would like you to address the following:

Task 1

Drawing on relevant models, analyse the approach of the company to the management of its human resources.

Task 2

Critically discuss its recruitment and selection in relation to strategic human resource initiatives.Make relevant recommendations as to how it could improve this process.

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Task 3

Discuss its approach to HRD and explain how this could be improved.

Task 4

Critically evaluate the classical theories of motivation and from your discussion of these theories propose a hybrid theory which may combine the most meaningful characteristics from a range of these theories and which you believe will have practical value in this organisation.

Task 5

In your advice to the company discuss the characteristics of effective leaders. Draw on relevant models to justify your analysis.

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