Mass Communication Advances Dominant Ideology

Mass Communication
Mass Communication

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Mass Communication Advances Dominant Ideology

Mass Communication is plainly some sort of communication intended for the entire mass. It just differs in its mode and medium of presentation. Being a student of mass communications and media studies, I have been confronted with the wide reach and broadly beneficial aspects of mass communication, one of which includes advancement of the dominant ideology.

The dominant ideology defines the sentimentality and values of the broader population. Mass-communication employs the very taste of this larger population and society in making an appeal to it (Thompson, 1988). Mass communicating often shapes the beliefs of people in a similar fashion, outwitting cultural contradictions. Mass communicating itself is an advanced aspect, which is enhancing it’s features and capabilities with every passing year. Mass communication has reasonably changed and advanced over the past century.

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Mass communication is a very influential subject. It consists of matters related to the “mass” or “public” and is designed in relation to the taste of the population. The utility of mass communications in advancement of dominant ideology also subtly depends on the the way the medium is used to propagate certain ideas or adhere to certain socio-cultural terms.

Inappropriate usage of mass communicating mediums may hinder the flow of the benefits extracted out of its application. However, it is, still largely intended at generating an appeal to the wider public mostly works in favour of the mass and the public (Thompson, 2013). It plays a crucial role in forming certain concepts and attitudes within the mass.

The concept of dominant ideology, as put in by Karl Marx is certainly served and advanced by mass communicating, which itself is developing on quite a large scale. The dominant ideology is perhaps reminded of and often made much more prominent and clearer to the society through the mediums.


Thompson, J. B. (2013). Ideology and modern culture: Critical social theory in the era of mass communication. John Wiley & Sons.

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