Marked Reformation Essay Paper

Marked Reformation
Marked Reformation

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Marked Reformation


Within a period of a hundred years since the death of Christ, the Roman Catholic Church dominated the entire world of religion. The Roman Church therefore mutilated the element of religion and came into a strong power that ensured anyone who spoke ill of the Church was considered a criminal worthy of a death penalty. This period remained for close to 1000 years, a factor that saw it described as the Dark Age (Mark, 2012). Men and women who rose against the Roman Church during this period to challenge the Church would be sentenced to death with some silenced.

However, in 1400’s a man was born that successfully challenged the Roman Church doctrine and led other into seeing the corrupt element within this institution. These men therefore started the reformation with the help of Martin Luther. This paper therefore seeks to determine the characteristics that market the Reformation Period and represent the elements that are still present in the evangelical Christianity in this dispensation and those that are not present.

Marked Reformation

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Characteristics That Market the Reformation Period

The essence of Luther’s initiative and his followers may not be overstated since their initiatives opened the door for the Protestant Reformation. Other reformers such as John Huss, William Tyndale, John Colet and John Wycliffe were also considered to have started this reformation that would point out to the failures of the Roman Church before Luther. Luther’s approach in quoting scripture caught the attention of many people. Within a period of three years, Luther’s message had circumferenced the whole world, a factor that led to the end of the stronghold of the Roman Catholic Church.

The society therefore saw the truth about salvation apart from works as was stated and realized that salvation was by grace through faith (Mark, 2012). This therefore led the community to trust in the finished work of Christ on the cross as opposed to the works of the monks and the priests a factor that did not turn well with the Catholic Church. It is therefore essential to note that this type of power and determination may not be in the evangelical Christianity today. 

The disregard of the truth that is to be proclaimed that distorts the scriptures is therefore not held in the hands of power hungry churches that are granted the power and authority to rule within the evangelical world. In this case, it is therefore essential to determine that the evangelicals have been more concerned about the truth in the scriptures even when all do not agree with this element.

Marked Reformation

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One of the essential battles that was also fought during the reformation period and that still remains alive in the evangelical world today is on the battle of the Armenians and the Calvinists. The Armenians believed that God granted man the free will to repent and in this God never works in their hearts to determine their decisions (Robert, 2005).  Additionally, they believe that God does His best to save as many sinners as He can, but his respect for the freedom of humanity determines that His options may be limited.

However, the Calvinists believe that human beings were dead in their transgressions and stated in (Eph. 2:1), a factor that gives a dead man no option to choose from. According to them, when humanity was dead to their transgressions, God made us alive (Eph. 2:5). It is therefore essential to note that the tragedy in this case involves the deceptions that are involved in man’s soul since man may believe he is saved while the Holy Spirit has not quickened his spirit.


In line with this, it is essential to establish the fact that the fundamental element in expounding the word of God remains in preserving the element of truth. Within these views, it is essential to note that God still remains supreme and responsible over the soul of his creatures. Man therefore needs not to overemphasize the sovereignty of God.


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Marked Reformation

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