Managing Human Resources in Health and Social Care

Managing Human Resources in Health and Social Care
Managing Human Resources in Health and Social Care

Managing Human Resources in Health and Social Care


Recruiting efficient workers remains an important factor to the success of every organization. Consequently, organizations adopt approaches involving training and developing the most effective employees. Within the health and social care fields it is imperative measures aimed at understanding systems used to monitor and promote the development of employees are integrated. The paper explores the various legislative frameworks that must be observed during recruitment processes. This includes exploring leadership theories which can promote effective team spirit.  This is particularly important to progress the healthcare organization leadership and management of the employees as well as the recruitment processes.

How Individuals Interact In Groups within Health and Social Care Settings

It is essential to note that the theories of behavior can be defined as the behaviors that are displayed by leaders since behavior remains the single most predictor of a leader’s results, success and influences. The Tuckman’s model remains the most famous theory that explains the manner in which individual’s work in groups. Tuckman divided the team interaction stages in four phases that include the forming phase, storming, norming, and performing.

Linking the Theories to Health and Social Care

In light of the formation of group’s theory, it is important to determine that the theory primary guides on how effective groups can be developed within the health and social care industry. The theory can be incorporated within this industry in the formation of effective groups that goes through the formation process (Rodgers, pp. 373.2014).  The Belbin theory on the other hand provides appropriate approaches through which groups can work in partnership. The two theories in this case would aid in the formation of an effective group that incorporates the element of teamwork in the achievement of goals.


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