Internet like a native language

Internet like a native language

Internet like a native language

Manifestation of Age Disparity on Internet Absorption Differences 

That people born since 1991 are not like their elders is more evident in the way they use internet for communication, socialising and even in ecommerce compared to their parents’ generation. Although the manifestations of this trend are very evident today, the next 10 years are going to be explosive in terms of what this generation will be able to exploit the internet.  

Internet like a native language

One of the key manifestations will be the time spent on internet, it will not only fashionable for that generation to use internet enabled phones but it is indispensable as well. The peer pressure, the desire to be seen as trendy and up to date and the social media frenzy are just some of the reasons for the big amounts the generation spends online[1].  

In addition, the younger generation will tend to take up careers that are internet related such as e-commerce since they will find them easy compared to their elders[2]. In addition to the fact that most work places are using internet integrated systems, even the system of education in the colleges and schools they will attend will be based on e-learning, something which will  leave them with no other option other than just remaining relevant and up to speed with the internet dependent lives.

Internet like a native language


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