International Marketing Environments

International Marketing Environments
International Marketing Environments

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International Marketing Environments

Learning Outcomes Covered by this assessment.  

Analyse critically, the differences between international marketing environments, in particular the importance of cultural differences and consumer behaviour

Assessment task

Choose a topic from the wide area of cross-cultural marketing. Find and critically evaluate an article on cross-cultural marketing; please ensure that this is from a peer-reviewed journal.

The topic could either be from an area that is of personal interest to you (e. g. something regarding your own company or your home country) or it could be some contemporary issue. Find at least one business example for this topic. For example, you could choose an article proposing a model to analyse a possible target market. Your business example would then be a company which entered a new market. The critical evaluation would then consist of a well-researched discussion of how this model would have helped that company to enter the targeted market.

The rationale behind this task is that you will always be confronted with unfamiliar problems. Reading scientific literature is one way of getting to grips with a problem. It is also a good preparation for assignment 2.

International Marketing Environments

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Specific Criteria / Guidance

  • Introduction – outlining the selected article and company (10%)
  • The theoretical aspects of the article are well understood. Connections to other relevant theories are established. (35%)
  • Application of theoretical understanding to the business problem. Quality of analysis generated. The relationship between the company problems and scientific literature review is clear. (35%)  
  • Relevant conclusions: Clarity and consistency of the conclusions with the analysis and original research question (10%)
  • Use of APA referencing. Coherence of the structure, writing and presentation. 
  • Referencing/bibliography. The extent to which the assignment logically and coherently examines the subject with sufficient breadth and depth. (10%)

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Kotabe, M., & Helsen, K. (2014). Global marketing management. New York.

Cateora, P. R., Gilly, M. C., & Graham, J. L. (2011). International marketing. McGraw-Hill/Irwin.

Useful Journal Articles (your articles for the assignment have to be different from these):

Samaha, S. A., Beck, J. T., & Palmatier, R. W. (2014). The role of culture in international relationship marketing. Journal of Marketing, 78(5), 78-98.

Samiee, S., Chabowski, B. R., & Hult, G. T. M. (2015). International relationship marketing: Intellectual foundations and avenues for further research. Journal of International Marketing, 23(4), 1-21.

Talay, M. B., Townsend, J. D., & Yeniyurt, S. (2015). Global brand architecture position and market-based performance: the moderating role of culture. Journal of International Marketing, 23(2), 55-72.

Venaik, S., & Brewer, P. (2013). Critical issues in the Hofstede and GLOBE national culture models. International Marketing Review, 30(5), 469-482.

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