Interdisciplinary geriatric teams Essay Paper

Interdisciplinary geriatric teams
Interdisciplinary geriatric teams

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Interdisciplinary geriatric teams

At my current practicum site, which is the hospital setting, the interdisciplinary geriatric team used comprises doctors, nurses, and pharmacists. The hospital-based team provides the geriatric patient with acute care in the hospital setting. Nurses and doctors carry out a preliminary evaluation, monitor the health status of the patient by making rounds, and work together in formulating an effective treatment plan (Liken, 2011).

The interdisciplinary geriatric team used in home care settings includes a nurse practitioner, a geriatrician, a social worker and a doctor who regularly visit the elderly in his home to help the patient with his medical problems and to monitor the capability of the patient to live at home. Long-term care includes nursing home services, assisted living services and life care communities. The interdisciplinary team includes social workers, nurses, occupational therapist, geriatrician, pharmacists, an ethicist and physicians (Deschodt, 2016).

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Since the patient’s medical problems are usually complex, chronic, and at times typified by reduced cognitive ability, the elderly patient is not really able to keep living at his home. Whenever this happens, the long-term care facility provides an interdisciplinary geriatrics team with a setting for monitoring and treating the chronic diseases of the elderly patients on an ongoing basis (Wieland, 2013).   

The role of advanced practiced nurse (APN) differs according to the site of care in that in the hospital setting, the APN takes medical histories of the frail patient and performs physical exams; prescribes treatments and medicines; and diagnoses and treats chronic and acute problems. In the long term/nursing home/assisted living care setting, the APN basically augments the role of the doctor.

In nursing homes, APNs provide consultative services to nursing homes and in collaboration with doctors, they provide primary care to individual residents (Bakerjian, 2011). In the home care setting, the APN provides high-touch, high-tech services to a patient with acute health care needs. The nurse is also responsible for family and patient teaching and for contacting community resources as well as coordinating the continuing care of the patient (Deschodt, 2016).

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Based on the model used for the interdisciplinary geriatric team at my practicum site, care should be facilitated for the patient in the case study in that the nurse practitioner, doctor and pharmacist need to provide integrated and coordinated care with shared resources and responsibilities and collectively set goals. Care should not be duplicated and the most qualified practitioner needs to provide care for each of the patient’s problem (Liken, 2011).


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