Instrument Analysis

Instrument Analysis
Instrument Analysis

Instrument Analysis

As this is Part II of your two-week exploration of instruments used to analyze a family and/or community, choose the remaining two assessment instruments that you did not select in last week’s discussion: sociograms & culturagrams.

Investigate these resources further on your own and/or review the following resources, which were also provided in the previous discussion:

Then practice with the instrument by diagramming the same family as you did in Module Two so that you can see the variation in the instruments.

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You can use Microsoft Word to create your diagram by using the shape and line features, or you may hand draw the diagram. The diagrams will be uploaded with your discussion so that your peers can see your work and so you can demonstrate their use when applied to a family or community.

In your submission, answer the following questions:

  1. What did you learn about the family (either your own family or a TV/movie family) during this process that you did not know before?
  1. Given your use of all four tools over the past two weeks, which two tools did you find to be most helpful? Provide a rationale for your selection of the two most helpful tools.

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