Impression of nursing informatics

Impression of nursing informatics
Impression of nursing informatics

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Impression of nursing informatics

1. Discuss and describe your impression of nursing informatics (medical or generic informatics and nursing informatics) before entering this class.

My nursing practice has mainly focused in family based patient care. This is a complex activity as one has to find the adequate support that will ensure that the extended care team is involved adequately in addressing the patient needs. For this reason, I have always understood the importance of informatics in healthcare.  

Through this course, I have just realised that I have been applying the concept of healthcare informatics as blanket to cover all the informatics within the healthcare system. As a family nurse, I have experiences or at least interacted with healthcare systems such as registration processes of the patient, laboratory systems, pharmacy systems, and billing systems (Matney et al., 2012).

2. Compare (also describe and discuss) how your Impression of nursing informatics is to your impression now (after entering the class, completing the readings and the lesson).

 There is a thin line between nursing informatics and healthcare informatics. From this discussion, I have learnt that the two are completely different aspects of informatics. For instance; healthcare informatics is business focused, which focuses in improving and complying with regulations of healthcare facility finances. Therefore, the sole aim of integrating information technology is aimed at improving the organizational operation and the staffing demands.

On the other hand, nursing informatics is patient focused, and relies in gathering, identification and management of data through information technology to improve patient safety and clinical outcomes. Understanding the differences is important to enable nurses understand the standards and scope of practice in nursing informatics, which is often confused by many (including me) with healthcare informatics (Jonh et al., 2012).

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3. Discuss and describe how/why your change in impression came about (this part should be cited appropriately, and probably fairly heavily, as you are showing/proving/demonstrating how your impression changed).

Therefore, through this lesson, it has become crystal clear to me the effectiveness of the nursing informatics in healthcare as it facilitates the standardization and simplification of processes, enhancing the nurse work flow efficiently (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2015).  For instance, there is this one time I was handling a geriatric patient, and the patient medication was not clearly indicated in her data sheet.

Fortunately, our healthcare facility had just implemented the barcode medication administration systems (BMAS); and through this, I was able to obtain the standard medication that was appropriate- otherwise would have been a potential source of medication error (Jonh et al., 2012). From this, I understood that these systems are vital in ensuring patient safety and patient outcome.

 Through the exploration of nursing informatics concepts, the emergence of the information system, its role in safety science and patient improvement in healthcare has shaped and had a significant impact in enhancing my core values within this professional.  In my career prospects, I will specifically seek to deepen my capacity as a nurse to improve nursing profession through the domain of informatics (Matney et al., 2012).

Impression of nursing informatics


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