How to Write Essays

Sample Essays

Sample essays are essay papers which had been done by other people before in a manner that demonstrated competence and therefore can act as a good template for any other writer. Such essays will in most cases be the type that scored quite impressively upon grading. The same grade may not necessarily be guaranteed to you just by the virtue of the fact that you did make use of the sample essays as a template but it will be a way of pin pointing the way to go about it.

A water tight way of getting the best out of sample essays is comparing them with the marking guidelines provided. It should be pretty simple to look at the potential sources of marks for your essay if you were to follow in the footsteps of whoever wrote the sample.  However, there are a few things worth your consideration, you need to look at as many sample essays as your time may allow. There may be one small detail missing out in a couple of sample essays that may be present in others and this may just make a whole lot of difference in your campaign.

You may also need to take a keen interest in the source of the sample essays. This will give you a sneak preview of the kind of work that you may be working with. It will tell you whether you are looking at genuinely written sample essays or some copy pasted work from a few past papers.

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