How does psychotherapy help people

How does psychotherapy help people
How does psychotherapy help people

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How does psychotherapy help people? 

How do psychologists define a psychological disorder? What are the 3 terms used to identify a disorder?

 Explain the ideas of the medical model and the biopsychosocial approach. How do they each help our understanding of mental illness?

Explain 2 ways to treat psychological disorders. For what type of disorders would each treatment be used?


How does psychotherapy help people? How does Psychotherapy help People?

There are three main ways that psychotherapy helps people. These are the provision of hope for people who are demoralized. The second way is the provision of an alternative perspective for people whose lives have been negatively affected by a psychological disorder. Psychotherapy also provides mental patients with an opportunity to develop empathetic, trusting and also caring relationships (Myers, 363).

Many people who have experienced psychological challenges tend to me demoralized about life and this gives them a negative outlook towards different matters in life. With psychotherapy, the hope that these people have can be renewed leading them to have a second chance at different matters in life. This then empowers them to take on different challenges head on (Myers, 363).

Another benefit of psychotherapy is that it helps individuals to alter the perspectives they have towards life from a negative one to a more positive one. This is done through encouraging these individuals to look at the positive aspects of their lives and situations (Myers, 363).

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Last but not least, psychotherapy is beneficial to people with psychological disorders because it offers them a chance to form empathetic, trusting and caring relationships with other people. The treatment procedures that are covered in psychotherapy gradually prepare these individuals to readjust into a society that had probably shunned them due to antisocial acts they may have been involved in at one time or another during their mental disorder.

By forming these relationships, people can recover faster since the people in their lives have a better understanding of what challenges the patients are going through (Myers, 363). 

Psychotherapy is therefore important since it strives to improve the quality of life people who have previously suffered mental disorders thus giving them a new lease of life (Myers, 363). 

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