Healthcare Quality Management

Healthcare Quality Management

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Healthcare Quality Management

Mcleod Medical Centre is an acute centre hospital located in Florida. The hospital is ranked higher among the others which provide acute care. The hospital provides emergency treatment, receives its tests electronically, can track the patient’s progress electronically and provides both outpatient and inpatient services (“Medicare Hospital Comparison”, 2016). As shown above, the hospital has invested in both resources and professionals. The ratio of nurses to patients is high meaning that more patients can receive more attention.

Additionally, the hospital has an internal quality control system the monitors the quality levels of different practices. Examples of some of the practices monitored include the wait time and response level of the medical practitioners (“Medicare Hospital Comparison”, 2016).  The second hospital should introduce a quality management section that will introduce standards for different practices. Additionally, it should invest more in resources and medical professionals to reduce the nurse to patient ratio.

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The value of services in the different hospitals can be increased by focusing on both medical and non-medical aspects of quality (Hibbard & Greene, 2013). Access to medical care and physicians should be increased in the different hospitals. Additionally, the waiting time should be reduced to minimal levels. Responses should be collected from different patients on the effects of waiting times. 

Additionally, the hospital should invest in providing patients with enough information regarding different conditions (Taylor et al., 2014). Well, trained counsellors will be used to create a link between the hospital and the patients. Check-in and check-out procedures should also be friendly to patients (Aiken et al., 2013).  The hospital should also provide ancillary services to all patients (Dixon-Woods, McNicol & Martin, 2012). Medical aspects include having trained professionals, use of modern equipment and new technologies as well as proper medications and instruments.


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