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priority policy
priority policy

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Health care Priority Policy

The health care priority policy that I feel is the most important among the six is that of ensuring that each person and family takes part as partners of their delivery. This priority policy perceives individuals using health services as equal partners when it comes to planning, implementation, and development of care.

It is not just about providing patients with whatever they want but it is tailored towards meeting the patients’ desires, family situations, values, lifestyle, and social solutions. Through this priority policy, the physicians are expected to be compassionate and think about the patient’s point of view. It is exercised through sharing important clinical decisions with patients and their families as well as helping them in managing their health.

Saleh et al., (2014) report that in the past patients were required to fit with the practices and routines that health care providers felt were most appropriate. However, through prioritization of patients and their families in care delivery services become more flexible and meet the patient’s needs.  The practitioners work with patients and families to determine the most effective way of providing care. A one-on-one basis is put into play whereby patients and their families are allowed to engage make important decisions regarding their health.

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I believe that with the increasing demand for health services with limited resources, prioritization of patients and their families can be the best solution of improving patients’ health and minimize the burden of health care services. It is this fact that has led to implementation of health care policies that drift away from paternalistic model where practitioners ‘do things to’ patients. Moreover, the priority policy can encourage patients to lead a healthier lifestyle through eating a balanced diet or exercising since they have been educated about risk factors and etiology of chronic diseases.

This priority policy can also be used in prisons whereby lawyers engage in-mates and their families in court cases and obtain feedback from the in-mates about their desires and how they would like the court process to progress.


Saleh, S. S., Alameddine, M. S., & Natafgi, N. M. (2014). Beyond accreditation: a multi-track quality-enhancing strategy for primary health care in low-and middle-income countries. International Journal of Health Services, 44(2), 355-372.

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