Good parenting

Good parenting
Good parenting

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Good parenting

Psychology Article Analysis: Good parenting heals your child’s brain

Psychology Article Analysis: Good parenting heals your child’s brain

The article ‘Good parenting heals your child’s brain,’ was written by Armin Brott and posted on hitched magazine on 21st January, 2014. It can be obtained through the following link;

Good parenting

Main ideas

            Children who grow up in institutions as opposed to with their families have cardinal brain development deficits, similar to children who grew up in poverty. Poverty brings about stress that result to damaged DNA and cells, poor immune system function, and inflammation. Orphans in institutions possess more neurological and behavioral deficits compared to those who lived in family (Brott, 2014).

At the age of for and half years, more than forty percent of the orphans had anxiety disorders while four percent had critical depressive disorders. In addition, many orphans exhibited autism signs including stereotyping and repetitive behaviors (arm-flapping and rocking).

Good parenting

Children living in institutions possess less white and gray matter (this matter connects various brain regions) compared to those in foster homes or living with their families. In addition, they have smaller amygdala and hippocampus that are vital for memory, learning, and emotion (Brott, 2014). Reduced white matter is common in a majority of the psychiatric and neurological conditions such as ADHD, schizophrenia, and autism.

A developmental neuroscientist explained that the less white matter meant less brain electrical activity- ‘alpha power’. These brain differences were accountable for the behavioral variations in the different groups of children- higher levels of anxiety and depression disorders in children in institutions (Brott, 2014). Children in foster homes and institutions had higher levels of oppositional defiant behavior and ADHD.

This gives the implication that children are placed in foster homes too late after profound deprivations had been experienced. Children can never recover from early-life isolation and the social deprivation is devastating. The environment in a child’s life between 0-5 years is vital for their future.

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Good parenting heals your child’s brain 

Article’s purpose

            The article aims at creating awareness that poverty leads to children’s stunted brain growth. However, research indicates that good parenting reverses these impacts (Brott, 2014). Therefore, there is a need for families (particularly parents) to raise their own children and avoid leaving that responsibility to the community and other people. In addition, the brain requires stimulation for development and growth.

The field of psychology explained

            Autism experts, behavioralists, and developmental neuroscientists have a key role in ensuring a community with healthy people (Brott, 2014).



            The article’s viewpoint is that there is a need for enriched environments during childhood and infancy. Social deprivation is the reason why children living in institutions have higher levels of anxiety and depression disorders.

Reasonable information

            The article offers reasonable information owing to the fact that the information was obtained from credible researches. 

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Is the information believable?

            The information is believable since the parents were assessed keenly before the report was written. The information has also been cross examined.


            The article persuades parents to practice good parenting as this plays a great role in ensuring healthy and productive children. 

Information that can be added 

            The study should have elaborated what factors in the different environments contributed to altered brain function and structure. 

Good parenting heals your child’s brain 


Brott, A. (2014). Good parenting heals your child’s brain. Retrieved on 21st January, 2014 from

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