Global North and South Essay Paper

Global North and South
Global North and South

Global North and South


The element of the Global North and South are currently in a phase of change that is considered to be growing further from the loving and real relationship with God. This has seen the North and South turn out to be a religion closer to what Christ had initially intended for the Church.  In the North, there is a rise in individualism, an ideology that is has consequently forgotten the element of sin in religion, thus substituting the grace of God for self-knowledge (Johnson & Sun Young, 2014).

As a result of this, Christ’s mission of global salvation has turned into self-help, thus contrary to the mission of Christ who was to be a Christ of faith and who commended the concretization of cultures in order to transform their destructive tendencies. This clearly denotes that the objective of evangelization was directed towards seeking life-giving aspects in these cultures with the aim of giving flesh to the vision of the gospel of peace, reconciliation, compassion, love and justice.

North and South Growing Together: The Differences It Makes

The establishment of a Christian life and message in relation to the context of cultural living is not considered as clear, thus making its manifestation inappropriate within different cultural contexts. Christian traditions are structured on the traditions of Jesus; however, this is jeopardized by the errors of man in effectively carrying these traditions and teachings without the interference of personal characteristics that soil the word of God (Johnson & Sun Young, 2014). This depicts the fact that man is not in a position to carry out the will of God without the guidance of His Spirit, with this explaining the fact that the global south has failed in recapturing the themes and trends of early Christianity.

The primary themes that the church in the global north and south need to learn are deeply rooted in Pedro Arrupe’s statements that necessitated the need to ensure that faith in Christ is only achieved through concretizing the gospel within the existing cultures in order to transform the destructive tendencies of these cultures (Johnson & Sun Young, 2014).

This requires an exploration of the changing religious aspects, faith identities and cultural aspects of the north and south. This is attributed to the fact that the incarnation of Christian life and the message within different cultural contexts finds a principle that animates, unifies, directs, and transforms cultures with the aim of recapturing the themes and trends from the early history of Christianity.

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The primary themes and trends which the churches of the global South have recovered and that the churches of the north can learn from include the changes experienced in incorporating the Gospel of relationships and love in their ways of life. This is considerably essential in achieving the missionary work that Christ begun, that was significantly centered on the prospects of love and relationships in restoring the relationship between man and God (Johnson & Sun Young, 2014).

Traditionally, the Southern religious aspect depicted as Liberation theology was considered as normative in the manner in which the exercised their religious beliefs. However, the advent of Pentecostalism has seen the southern religious sects resorting to the reading of the Gospel with an application that determines how to live it. As a result of this, a reformation to the lost themes and trends of Christianity are being restored, an aspect that is turning to be a religious trend in the northern Churches.


In consideration of this, it is important to ascertain that the Global North and South are currently experiencing changes that are considered to be growing towards recapturing the themes and trends from the early history of Christianity. This is embedded in the global southern Churches efforts in the body of Christ that is currently being spurred by the Spirit in ensuring that the modern cultures adapt to the Christian ways as established in the history of Christianity. 


Johnson, T. M., & Sun Young, C. (2014). Tracking Global Christianity’s Statistical Centre of Gravity, AD 33-AD 2100. International Review Of Mission, 93(369), 166-181. Retrived From:

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