Generalist Practices: A Case Study of Brenna

Generalist Practices
Generalist Practices

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Generalist Practices: A Case Study of Brenna


            According to Langer & Lietz (2015), generalist practices refers to the sociological concept, which defines the general guideline for carrying out the social work. The new individuals are introduced into some of the concept considered significant in improving their lives. Langer & Lietz (2015) avers that some of the sociological activities stressed on during the implementation of  generalist practices include the promotion of the welfare of a human, as well as the application of the intervention and preventive measure to different social challenges and also problems affecting an individual (Langer & Lietz, 2015).

Here, ethical principles and practices, as well as the critical thinking are some of the issues taken into considerations. Therefore, this paper will seek to identify how generalist approach has been employed in the Brenna’s case study.

Three Examples of Generalist Practices Depicted in Brenna’s Case Study

            First, it is worth noting Brenna is a victim of dating abuses, as well as domestic violence. As a result, she was subjected to a very difficult life, after falling out with her mother, as she was not even able to complete her education (Working with Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Trauma, n.d). Soon after she became pregnant, her boyfriend, Cameron, denied he was the father of the unborn, forcing Brenna to live in deplorable shelter in order to give birth. Thus, she had to undergo through the generalist practices to restore her life back to normalcy. Some of the three generalist practices applied in this case are listed below.

            First, the social work manager helped Brenna to set up her goals in issues such as attaining financial stability, medical care, and permanent housing. Secondly, the manager assisted Brenna in advancing her education by facilitating her enrolment in the GED, ‘General Education Development,’ training (Working with Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse, n.d.). Thirdly, the social worker also encouraged her to undertake therapeutic sessions in order to raise her self-esteem.

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General Characteristics That Validate These Examples to Be Regarded As Generalist Practices

            The first practice, concerning helping Brenna set her goals, was very important. Some of the characteristics that validate it as a generalist practice include; the social worker helped Brenna become eligible and be approved for the Medicaid services (Working with Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse, n.d.). The worker also helped her get her residence. The next practice can be validated based on the facts that Brenna was able to join GED in order to advance her education (Working with Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Trauma, n.d).

She also benefitted through attaining a new and beneficial network from other single mother she met. Thirdly, her decision to attend the therapeutic session enabled her attain resilient and overcome her fears and worries in life. As such, she was able to set up difficult life goals.

The Effectiveness/Ineffectiveness of Each Example In Terms Of Benefits to the “Client”

            The first practices, concerning attaining her life goal, was very effective. This is due to the fact that Brenna was able to get the approval on accessing Medicaid services. Furthermore, she was also able attend prenatal services when she was still pregnant. Moreover, she was also able to secure a well-furnished house. Secondly, Brenna was able to attend GED, thus, improving her education.

This can be validated by the fact that she was able to make informed decisions such as sticking to the proper nutritional practices and budgetary measures (Working with Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Trauma, n.d). Lastly, her decision to attend the therapeutic sessions enabled her feel free to make a new beginning in life. She was also to set her goals without informing her former boyfriend, Cameron.


Langer, C. & Lietz, C. (2015). Applying theory to generalist social work practice: a case study approach. Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Working with Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Trauma (n.d). The Case of Brenna. Social Work Case Studies: Foundation Year, 31-33, 107-104.

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