Five Year Trajectory Plan

five year trajectory plan
Five Year Trajectory Plan

Five Year Trajectory Plan


            The need for a trajectory plan cannot be ignored in the life of a nurse. This is based on the fact that it ensures that goals are set to guide the career path. Despite the career path chosen by a nurse, there is a great need to have this plan, both on a short- and long-term basis, and revise it regularly so that appropriate adjustments can be made. For a novice advanced practice nurse intending to transit successfully to a professional informatics role and specialize in the same, the trajectory plan can help to a very great extent.

Purpose statement; for me to be able to transition properly to the informatics nurse specialist role, being very dynamic and focused can promote efficiency.

The plan

            As a nurse I possess some strengths that have enabled me practice effectively with time, as well as ensure positive outcomes at the work environment and for the patients. I possess strong communication skills and I can manage applying problem solving skills to different scenarios to solve practice issues. Whenever offering care, I use the patient-centered or individualized approach, that enables me assess the personal factors contributing to the state of health.

I have strong critical analysis and judgment skills, and I normally apply the various ethical frameworks and code of practice, as well as the professional standards when offering care. This enables me practice based on the requirement. To develop as the informatics nurse specialist, I would need to be more computer competent and be more knowledgeable about the various technologies (Robin, Xavier & Agrawal, 2016). My coordination and time management skills would also need to improve so that I would not cause delays and inconvenience other multidisciplinary team members.

            As an informatics nurse specialist, I can easily become a nurse educator or nursing administrator. In case I intend to concentrate on information technology, then I would easily become an information technology nursing advocate or even a chief information officer. At the same time, I would be acting as the bridge between information technology and the clinical universe spheres. Therefore, both professional growth and career opportunities are immense in this role (Robin, Xavier & Agrawal, 2016). Other related specialties include consumer needs consultant, research nurse or public health nurse.

            The talents and strengths that I would need to focus on so as to be highly competent in the role include decision making and judgment. This would enable me choose appropriate actions considering the relative benefits and costs. Moreover, critical thinking, active listening, and reading comprehension would enable me remain highly relevant to the needs of my patients. At the same time, the complex problem solving skills would need to be emphasized. Monitoring and assessing performance would enable uptake of proper actions at all times.

            Additional skills and knowledge would also help. One of these is instructing, that is, teaching others on how they can do different things. Technology design would enable me adapt and generate technology and equipment to the server user needs. At times, it would be necessary to apply mathematics in solving problems, making this a very essential skill.

The coordination skills would greatly help me to adjust actions based on the actions of other people. With negotiation skills, I can easily manage personnel resources by directing, developing, and motivating people as they carry out their various roles. These skills and knowledge are indispensable in enabling me function appropriately as an informatics nurse specialist (Nelson & Staggers, 2013). 

            One of the strategies for promoting a successful transition would be reading and attending trainings where I would learn more about the role and what it requires to be effective in it. While acquiring the different knowledge and skills, I would visualize myself in the role and begin practicing while applying these. The second strategies would be talking to people who are already practicing as informatics nurse specialists.

This would be done with the aim of ensuring that all the challenges they face are highlighted so that while getting into the practice, I can know what to expect. The essentials would also be highlighted, making me prepare my mind effectively so as to be effective (Robin, Xavier & Agrawal, 2016). Apart from attending trainings, I would also carry out personal researches to know how the experiences of people has been. At the start of my role as an informatics nurse specialist, I would work alongside a more experienced person who can guide and orient me accordingly.

            Within the next 2 or 5 years, I intend to join a network of informatics nurse specialists, either online or at the workplace. this will enable me remain connected and be conversant with all the issues that are coming up and how to address them. I intend to contribute actively in the network and in case there is none at the moment, I can create an online group. I also intend to have explored one or more of the career growth and advancement opportunities I have.

I am really interested in being a nurse education, as this will enable me transfer  the immense knowledge and skills I have to others (Fitzpatrick & Ea, 2012). While doing this, I will also be learning a lot. At the same time, I intend to explore the research nurse role, where based on the issues that are being raised by the nurses I am educating, I can conduct some researches. This would enable me transform the practice and promote the uptake of the evidence-based practice.

            To achieve these goals, I intend to manage my time very well. On a daily basis, I will have a list of the most important things I should do and ensure that procrastinating is avoided. Through proper time management, I will have adequate time to do many of the things I intend to engage in, as well as assist my colleagues (Fitzpatrick & Ea, 2012). 

The second action will be ensuring that I am focusing on efficiency and keeping away from errors. This will greatly prevent a  situation where the errors can make me keep going back, which would mean wasting a lot of time. at the same time, the need for a proper work-life balance cannot be ignored. This will constitute of ensuring that work time is dedicated to work while personal issues and family have their time.


            The trajectory plan above can greatly promote success as an informatics nurse specialist. It is apparent that there are career growth opportunities with this role, and proper time management and planning can greatly promote success. Moreover, coordinating with others through networks can promote acquisition of knowledge. More importantly, efficiency would ensure that errors are avoided, which would prevent time wasting.


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