Financial Analysis

Financial Analysis

This assessment includes two parts. Use the templates provided as you complete each part. Both of the templates are linked in the Resources under the Required Resources heading. Note that for Part 2 you will use the template for data but will create your own document to submit.

Part 1: Ratio Analysis
Making sense of accounting data on financial statements can be difficult. Thankfully, combining numbers from income statements, balance sheets, and other data provides a starting point to analyze a company’s financial results. You now have the opportunity to demonstrate your prowess by identifying and computing financial ratios.

Using the Assessment 5, Part 1 Template, analyze and compute the necessary financial ratios. The Financial Statements worksheet in the template contains the income statement, balance sheets, and additional information needed. The Ratio Analysis worksheet contains space for your calculations and answers.

Part 2: Interpreting Financial Statement Analysis
What does the calculation of a financial statement ratio represent? How does one year compare to another? Is there a trend to the ratio data? Is the trend positive or negative? What can be done to change the trend? These are some of the questions that can be answered when the ratio data is interpreted. For this part of the assessment, demonstrate your ability to interpret the results of a multi-year financial ratio analysis.

On the Assessment 5, Part 2 Template you will find selected ratios for a company over a two-year period. Compare the ratios, and in a separate document (Word or Excel), submit your answers to the following questions:

What does the calculation of each ratio represent?
How does year one compare with year two, and what trend can be seen when you compare the two years?
Is the trend from year one to year two positive or negative?
What are the possible reasons for the trend?
What recommendations do you have for turning a negative trend to a positive trend?
Submit the completed template for Part 1 and the document you created with answers to the questions for Part 2 for this assessment.

BUS-FP3061 – Fundamentals of Accounting
Assessment 5, Part 1 Template

2013 Calculations 2013 Answers
Current ratio
Quick ratio
Receivables turnover
Inventory turnover
Profit margin
Asset turnover
Return on assets
Return on equity
Earnings per share
Cash Dividend payout
Debt ratio
Times interest earned
BUS-FP3061 – Fundamentals of Accounting
Ratio Year 1 Year 2
Current ratio 3.12:1 2.96:1
Quick ratio 1.34:1 1.02:1
Receivables turnover 9.7 times 10.2 times
Inventory turnover 2.4 times 2.3 times
Profit margin 11.4% 12.6%
Asset turnover 1.21 times 1.22 times
Return on assets 13.7% 15.4%
Return on equity 28.5% 29.3%
Price-earnings ratio 10.4 times 12.4 times
Debt ratio 50.2% 45.3%
Times interest earned 9.6 times 13.0 times