Fibroids Presentation Assignment


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  • Develop a 30-minute presentation, with detailed speaker notes, on Fibroids.
  • Analyze the etiology, pathophysiology, and general clinical manifestation of symptoms of the disease based on relevant literature.
  • Consider how age or overall health status might alter the normal clinical manifestation of the disease.
  • Evaluate the patient’s overall social and medical history, clinical symptoms, and clinical assessment from the perspective of the previously cited literature.
  • Evaluate the diagnostic work-up and clinical findings, including a rationale for each diagnostic test and expected findings, and recommend a diagnosis based on the findings.
  • Develop a plan of care based on diagnosis, including age-appropriate modifications of proposed therapy and dose modifications based on clinical guidelines.
  • Include medications, assistive therapies, and specific limitations of activities.
  • Address any age-appropriate modifications of proposed therapy or dosage modifications.
  • Analyze the potential complications of care and any possible side effects of medication based on literature that includes instructions for notification of the clinician.
  • Create a patient education plan that shows understanding of the patient’s developmental age, sexuality, health literacy, socioeconomic status, cultural sensitivity, and health belief models.
  • Analyze current condition and how it may relate to underlying health issues, the proposed plan of care, and possible side effects or complications.
  • Include patient/family engagement in the plan of care using the teach-back method.
  • Analyze how the principles of Watson’s theory of human caring are integrated into the plan of care and patient education.
  • Conclude the presentation with a question-and-answer session (8 to 10 questions and answers).

Prepare a one-page summary as a handout for the other students. Reference needs to include UpToDate

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Fibroid are the most common tumors that affect women’s reproductive system. They are benign tumors that made of smooth muscle cells that grow in the uterus. Further, these tumors affect women in their reproductive and almost fifty percent of such women in their child bearing age have fibroids. Generally, thirty to seventy percent of women will develop fibroids at some point in their reproductive age (Stewart, 2017).

However, although fibroids are dangerous and cause disruption in women’s lives, they are not cancerous in nature and their development do not increase the risk of developing cancer. Additionally, the cause of fibroid development in the uterus remains remain unknown. Despite its cause being unknown, women with a family history of tumors, those who are obese, African American women, women who commence their periods early and those who are nulliparous are at risk of developing fibroids (Stewart, 2017).

Generally, the main symptoms indicating the presence of fibroids are heavy and prolonged bleeding, pain and discomfort in the pelvis and abdomen, urinary tract and bowel problems such as frequency in passing urine and incontinence, infertility issues and pain during menses and sexual intercourse. These presence of these symptoms and there severity will depend on the size and location of the fibroid.

When one visits a doctor, a thorough diagnosis has to be so as to exclude the possibility of other tumors, which may even be cancerous (Stewart, Barbieri, Goff, Falcone, & Falk, 2015). A history of the patient is taken including the manifested symptoms, the obstetric history and medical history. After that the patient is subjected to a physical examination which involves palpation of the abdomen. A pelvic ultrasound is the used to image the reproduction structure. This is the basic method used for the diagnosis of fibroids. In other cases, Magnetic Resonance Imaging is done in complex cases (Stewart, 2017)…..

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