Female Refugee Health Essay Paper

Female Refugee Health
Female Refugee Health

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Female Refugee Health

1. What are the most important factors for the registered nurse to assess when dealing with a female refugee who is exhibiting flashbacks from trauma, especially sexual trauma or physical abuse?

 According to the article, it is evident that effective management of the patient will require the registered nurse to understand the health needs for the patient.  Most of the female patient accessing health care is often facing sexual health complication such as sexually transmitted diseases, rape, anxiety associated with risks of sexual exploitation. This often results in trauma- associated with posttraumatic stress Disorders. 

The  most important factors that must be assessed by registered nurses includes;  cause of trauma ( war-related or physical/sexual abuse); signs and symptoms of PTSD;  the pre-trauma factors, the co-occurring disorders; the social as well as interpersonal factors (Heavey, 2014).

2. Describe the cultural considerations and language barriers the RN will need to address to foster therapeutic communication for the female refugee

The registered nurse is required to understand the external forces that influence their health including poor living conditions, inadequate health resources in the patient countries of origin, oppression experiences and loneliness. Cultural considerations such as traditional gender roles are barriers for accessing care. Most refugee women are reluctant to seek care because they fear to become victimized based to their cultural and religious beliefs. Communication issues such as language barriers hinder communication.

Despite the fact that the patient could be having qualified translator, healthcare providers non-verbal communication could make the patient withhold vital information. These issues must be addressed using compassionate communication; and where necessary, the patient must be helped to achieve at least the basic needs such as food, shelter and medication. This will help in winning the patient trust (Taylor, Pugh, Goodwach, and Coles, 2012).

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3. List common triggers for this population and describe how the RN can assist to decrease the effects.

Registered nurses must understand the common triggers such as medical equipment’s such as speculums retractors, security details which could be frightening of others. Some of the anniversary dates especially for the victims could also be triggers that could make the patient diagnosed with PTSD isolation and avoidance behaviours.

Consequently, patient may experience hyperarousal behaviour, high blood pressure, extreme anxiety and racing thoughts.  This could be managed   through disassociation coping strategy. The nurses must provide extra attention for the patients to establish trust and strong relationship (Heavey, 2014).

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  4. Provide two nursing diagnosis statements (each statement must include an actual nursing diagnosis, related factor and as evidenced by) that might apply to a refugee patient experiencing trauma flashbacks.

 Refugee patient that is suffering from trauma flashbacks could be diagnosed with (Heavey, 2014):

a) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; the related risk factors include cardiovascular diseases, musco-skeletal disorders, respiratory disorders, immune dysfunction and suicidal thoughts.

b)   Chronic pelvic pain- associated risk factors includes genitourinary disorders, vaginal fistulae, and the damage anal sphincter.


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Taylor, S.C., Pugh, J., Goodwach, R., and  Coles J. (2012). Sexual trauma in women—the importance of identifying a history of sexual violence. Aust Fam Physician. 41(7):538-541.

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