False Belief and Theory of Mind

False Belief and Theory of Mind
False Belief and Theory of Mind

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My Reaction to False Belief and Theory of Mind

The writing assignment will be an analysis paper to the article, video or TedTalk posted in the discussion board. You are expected to

1) evaluate your original response,

2) your classmates’ responses,

3) specific feedback you received from classmates and

4) my feedback when appropriate. You are expected to integrate all of this information, and analyze your own learning about the topic.

The purpose of this paper is to close the loop. 
You can use your original post for writing the assignment but you must go beyond copying and pasting. You are required to read and incorporate the feedback from your classmates. Your classmates will have incredible insights and knowledge. Finally, there will be time when I may ask you to answer specific answers. A common mistake is that you do not follow the instructions in the discussion board and/or you do not actually answer the questions that you were asked. I will hold you accountable for your participation in this manner. 

False Belief and Theory of Mind

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False Belief Video https://youtu.be/8hLubgpY2_w
Theory of Mind videohttp://visual.pearsoncmg.com/mypsychlab/development/index.php?clipId=28


1) In the first paragraph write your first reaction to the two videos (I am not requesting for a summary of the videos but your own personal reaction.)

2) In the second paragraph answer the following questions. How does acquiring a theory of mind impact a child’s social interactions? According to this video, does acquiring a theory of mind occur at the same age across cultures? Can you think of any interactions that may help or hinder a child developing a theory of mind?

3) In the third paragraph answer the following questions. What would be the consequences by testing children from developing countries with procedures designed for children in developed countries? Would this affect the assessment? If so why? How would you design a more culturally-sensitive study?

MY RESPONSE :My reaction is amazement. It’s quite extraordinary that the three year old’s think that everyone sees the world see’s the same way, including snoopy. It’s funny that a 4 and 5 year old can already is able to see things differently. I’m shocked that in one year a child’s mind can cast a sense of doubt. I loved how the 5 year old kids are wanting to go along with the researchers assistant and trick her. 

False Belief and Theory of Mind

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The theory of mind impacts a child’s socialization’s in multiple ways. Our ability to explain and predict other people’s behavior enables us to deceive and cooperate and empathize with people too. Unfortunately based off the video’s acquiring theory of mind, children don’t acquire at the same age across cultures.

I could imagine that children who grow up in an area where there is a lot of children at varying ages would help a child develop theory of mind. 
The consequences for trying to test children from a developing countries with testing and procedures that were designed to for children in developed countries wouldn’t be accurate or fair for evaluation.

This would unfairly effect the results and would thus be inaccurate. That is like comparing a 3 year to a 5 year old on the development of theory of mind as shown in the video. One would need to design a study based off of the how the children are developing in that particular country.

For example, in a developed country, you may be able to compare a 3yr old to a 5 year old theory of mind. In a developing country, you would test a 4 year old that would not have acquired the theory of mind. Furthermore, you could then compare the 4 year old to the 6 year old. Additionally, I would use objects that are culturally relevant to test the theory of mind. 

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