Executive Skills
Executive Skills

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Executive Skills

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Business Ethics and Leadership must be strongly linked together.

Analyze the main approaches to leadership as well as to business ethics, and discuss the role and importance of ethical leadership in applying different leadership approaches.


In practice we have differences approaches 

  • Balance approach (pros and cons)
  • Give examples and personal tach

Use assumptions and hypothesis and link theory with practice Balance analysis of Business Ethics – Leadership – Both concepts together – Practical application and evaluate effectiveness.

1. Introduction.

A. Introducing the reader what will follow definition/ brief explanation

B. Present the structure of the assignment

2. Main body.- Approach of leadership- Approach to business ethics- Role and importance- Practical Application/ evaluation of effectiveness (to show where there are effective or not)- Personal opinion/arguments for what we have compare.


A. What we have analyze

B. What we have identified

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